Your Baby's Keepsake Box Should Include These Eight Items

You're likely to want to keep every little precious thing that belonged to your precious, tiny baby. Every outfit and every toy is a part of your baby's memories. However, you don’t want your home to be covered in stain-splattered bibs and rompers.

Do not let clutter get in the way of your life. Keep only the most important baby items in your home and place them in a keepsake box. This keeps your mementos or engraved keepsake box by Way Faren in a compact and decorative way that can be passed down through generations. How do you choose what goes in? These are eight great ideas.

1. Baby's Hospital Wristband


Baby's first-ever item - the hospital wristband! It will contain the baby's name, date of birth, weight, height, and mother's name. It will be a treasure that your child will look back on when they are grown up.

2. A Lock of Baby's Hair


The baby's first haircut should be a good reminder to keep their hair curled. Keep the hair in a small envelope so it can be neatly tucked away.

3. Baby's First Clothes & Shoes


The first pair of shoes and clothes the baby wore should be put away. They will bring back a sense of nostalgia and joy that you'll remember fondly in years to come.

4. Birth and Birthday Cards


It is wonderful to reflect on all the well-wishes and congratulations you received on your baby's first birthday and subsequent births. Once your child is old enough to read, you'll be able to pull them out and you can both look at them together.

5. Mummy's Baby Journal


Many mothers keep journals of their pregnancy and baby’s first year. These tiny books make great time capsules. These little books capture the important milestones as well as many of the small memories, such as names and foods that you loved.

6. Baby's Favorite Toy


A baby will always reach for the same soft toy or another soother over and over again. It might become the mother's best friend if it helps them calm down after a tantrum.

7. Photos of Special Moments


Take your favorite photos and print them. Then, put them all together in a photo album. Although you may have larger albums, this album can contain a selection of your most treasured photos. Do not forget to take the baby's first ultrasound!

8. Baby's First Tooth


This comes later after the baby turns into a toddler. That first milk tooth is always a moment to be proud of. After the Tooth Fairy has left, place the tooth in a small trinket box that the baby will find a few years later.

Where to Buy a Customized Keepsake Box


We hope you liked this article and will use these tips to make your own keepsake box to memorize special moments. If you want to buy your own customized engraved keepsake box by Way Faren, you can buy it from our website.