A Guide to Recover Deleted Excel files

 Spreadsheets in Excel are among the most widely used office apps. The loss of essential data resulting from document corruption might significantly impact your organization. So for fixing this issue you might need data recovery software such as Wondershare Recoverit. Excel files are computerized files that contain several components and hold a variety of data.

Excel files can include several pages of data, computations, and cross-referenced information. With so much information, it's understandable if you become concerned if one of your worksheets is mistakenly erased. While certain acts are irreversible, the deletion of an Excel worksheet is not one of them. Microsoft has integrated several easy solutions to recover deleted workbooks into the software and operating system. Your best alternatives are always to save and back up.

This guide will show you how to recover deleted excel file. In addition, how to recover a deleted excel file utilizing the finest excel document recovery tool available, such as Wondershare Recoverit, is described in this essay.

Common Causes of Excel File Loss:

After working on an important Excel file for hours or days, forgetting to save it or mistakenly deleting it is a painful experience, but it doesn't have to end tragically. The following are some of the causes or methods by which your excel file might be lost or deleted:

An error by the user:

Excel users have the potential to be their own worst enemies. There's no shortage of user blunders that most Excel users make at some point or another, from overwriting essential files to mistakenly deleting files that weren't meant to wind up in the Recycle bin. The repercussions of these and other problems can be eliminated, or at the very least considerably reduced, if they are addressed early.

Not remembering to save:

When updating an Excel file, it's astonishing how simple it is to forget to press the Save button. Microsoft recognizes this, so Excel automatically saves your work for you, allowing you to retrieve any unsaved data if Excel stops abruptly.


Instead of manually erasing all files on a storage device, formatting it is generally faster and easier. The only difficulty is that it just takes one error to accidentally format an entirely other storage device and delete all of the Excel data saved on it. You can never recover formatted files, but you must start the procedure as soon as possible.

Failure of the hardware:

Unlike the other reasons for Excel data loss, hardware failure is frequently impossible to recover from, especially if you don't want to pay a lot of money for expert data recovery services. A previously prepared backup is the only thing that can save your Excel files.

How to Recover Deleted /Lost Excel File?

This post will determine you how to recover deleted excel files using a variety of approaches, each of which will be broken down into several simple stages:

Recover Excel Files from the Recycle Bin:

Excel files that have been recently deleted may typically be retrieved from the Recycle Bin folder. In this special storage place, deleted files are immediately transferred to offer the user one final chance to recover them.

1. On the desktop, double-click the Recycle Bin icon.

2. Look for the Excel file that someone accidentally erased.

3. Right-click the erased Excel file and select Return to restore it to its original place.

Recover an Unsaved Excel Document:

Excel starts keeping track of all changes made to a new Excel file, commonly known as a workbook, as soon as you create it. If you lose your workbook due to a power outage, a software fault, or another reason, you may recover it with a single click.

1. Launch Excel.

2. Select File.

3. At the bottom of the Home tab, click the Recover unsaved workbooks option.

4. Choose the misplaced workbook.

5. Place the workbook in a secure place.

Can recover unsaved Changes to an Existing Excel File:

Similarly, Excel keeps track of modifications made to existing files automatically. If you lose your work before clicking the Save button, a Document Recovery pane will appear, displaying the automatically saved duplicate of your workbook. Click on it to get it back.

Recover from cloud backup:

The latest edition of Microsoft Excel allows you to save files to One Drive and track all changes in real-time, preserving your work as you make changes. Excel files uploaded to One Drive are stored on Microsoft's servers, so they may be restored even if your computer crashes.

1. Go to https://onedrive.live.com to get started.

2. Use your Microsoft email address and password to log in.

3. Please determine what you want to do with your Excel files by locating them.

How to Recover Deleted /Lost Excels with Recoverit?

If none of those above techniques work or you believe your excel document has been permanently wiped from your computer, we propose Recoverit Data Recovery. This data recovery application is the best option for recovering deleted Excel files because it allows users to recover up to 100MB of data for free. Follow these easy steps to restore the lost Excel document with Recoverit Data Recovery:

Step 1: 

Download and install Recoverit Data Recovery on your PC.

Step 2: 

Select the location where you saved the deleted Excel file from the main interface. To continue, click "Start."

Step 3: 

The application will scan the Drive you've selected. When the scan is finished, it will display the recovered excel file in the window. Choose the Excel file you wish to recover and click "Recover" to save it to your hard disk.

 scan deleted or lost Excel files

Why Use Wondershare Recoverit?

Wondershare Recoverit is recommended since it is the best data recovery tool for lost files. Whatever method you used to lose the Excel files, one or more of the techniques listed should be able to aid you in recovering them swiftly and efficiently. 

Even if you don't have a backup, Recoverit Data Recovery will retrieve the files. Today is the last day to download and try it for free. Remember that Recoverit allows you to recover up to 100MB for free.

Recoverit’s Features:

Some of the most outstanding features of Wondershare Recoverit are:

Recovering files:

By allowing consumers to recover data lost for various causes, the vendor achieves the most incredible recovery rates possible. In-depth file scans of the system show recoverable data and documents on your Hard Drive, including damaged, formatted, and mistakenly deleted items.

Recovery Preview:

Before you commit to a complete scan, the application previews recovery scans so you can see what data is available. It increases efficiency because you won't have to wait for a scan to conclude to see whether you can recover your data.

Media that it can boot:

You may effortlessly plug in the device to restore your lost environment if your PC dies; you can even recover data from devices with lost or corrupted operating systems. Wondershare Recoverit may be installed on bootable storage devices like USB flash drives.

Limitations of Wondershare Recoverit:

As you all know that Wondershare Recoverit is the best data recovery tool since it also has a few limitations, which are:

1. A few customers complained that the program didn't work on their Linux computers.

2. Some users thought the software's free version was limiting. It is most likely due to a misunderstanding of the features included in the free edition.

How to Avoid Excel File Loss?

You can avoid the excel file being lost by following the instructions below:

1. Maintain a dust-free and clean PC.

2. If your computer becomes too hot, disassemble it and clean it.

3. Regularly save and backup your files to several locations, encrypting them.

4. Make a copy of the picture. Before the appearance of the first signs of hard drive failure.

5. Updating your anti-virus software is crucial.

6. Do not open emails that appear to be suspicious.

7. Don't forget to keep an eye on your laptop.

8. Invest in a surge protector.

9. Don't remove files you don't recognize, particularly system files.

10. Keep liquids away from your laptop.

Final Words

So this is all form us about how to recover deleted excel files. The reality is, as stated in this post, there are several ways to recover deleted Excel documents for free. We've mentioned some of the most successful ones with you so you can get your Excel documents back fast and effortlessly. If you want a professional approach, we recommend using the Wondershare Recoverit for recover deleted excel file.