Best Job Oriented Digital Marketing Courses after Graduation in 2022

Our future depends on us all choosing the correct job choice. It is especially true in the post-Covid era, where many businesses have adopted digitization for daily operations.

A digital marketing associate course is one of the most significant ways to learn digital marketing. An excellent course will help you quickly develop the abilities required to become a great digital marketer. This post will introduce you to job-oriented courses that pay well and help you advance your career.

So let us begin.

What is a Digital Marketing certification course?

Due to the rapid adoption of digital and social media channels, digital marketing has become one of today's most potent marketing tactics. Since most firms today use Digital Marketing, qualified Digital Marketing specialists are in high demand. SEO, SMM, SEM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, PPC Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Web Analytics, and more are usually covered in Digital Marketing courses.

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Why are these the most significant digital marketing courses?

In a Google search for 'Digital Marketing Courses,' you'll find numerous options. For example, some courses cover SEO or social media marketing but not other digital marketing platforms.

This guide aims to present comprehensive digital marketing courses covering various topics. The collection includes classes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.

Top job oriented digital marketing courses for 2022

Everyone needs to be present in the digital world, whether big or little. It is not going away. Digital marketing has mostly ruled the world of marketing. It will open doors to employment such as web developer, social media manager, digital marketing executive, and SEO analyst. You can choose from online Digital Marketing courses to degrees. Start with top Digital Marketing Certification courses and then explore profitable career options.

  1. Simplilearn Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing with Purdue University

There is no need to go deeper for an exclusive certification from a respected university (Purdue!). Unlike most of our courses, you must first apply. While this may seem inconvenient, it ensures a level of exclusivity not found elsewhere. Simplilearn owns a team of admissions counselors to help you through the process.

This admissions procedure isn't just for show. These courses are generally cheaper than private-only efforts. This course, co-created with Facebook, provides academic insight and practical skills that companies need. On top of the basics, you'll learn about reputation management, search psychology, and language targeting. This digital marketing course includes Purdue Alumni membership and access to Simplilearn's career services. This post-graduate course takes 5-10 hours per week (depending on your learning speed).

  1. Udemy Complete Digital Marketing course

Over 500,000 students can't be wrong! This top-rated Udemy digital marketing course has approximately 150,000 reviews and a 4.5 rating, making it the most popular on the platform. It covers Google Analytics, SEO, social media marketing, app marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and market research. It also comes with about 20 hours of actionable courses, 35 articles, and ten downloadable resources. Its many projects and tests will keep you entertained throughout.

  1. Udacity Digital Marketing course

Udacity's Digital Marketing Nanodegree programme is also well regarded. Unlike other online courses, this includes access to a technical mentor, a personal career coach, and career services. It is vital if you are new to digital marketing and need help with technical challenges or guidance on how to create a digital marketing profession. Of course, none of this is free. You must pay $399 per month to keep access to the course materials and services. The content is expected to take three months to complete. It is an excellent course for beginners, but not everyone. Subscriptions for courses cost $399 per month. Therefore this is aimed at marketers working for large corporations who can afford it.

  1. HubSpot Online Marketing courses (Free with certification)

Hubspot Digital Academy is a great place where you may study digital marketing online and obtain a credential from a well-known firm. In addition to CRMs and SEO tools, Hubspot is one of the major digital marketing organizations.

Registration is free, and following successful completion of the course, you will receive a recognized certification. Additional courses (without certification) are available on search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, Facebook advertisements, and other online marketing techniques.

Digital marketing professionals with years of experience teach all of our courses. They performed an excellent job with their online classes, even if you don't plan to use HubSpot's marketing tools. Spend some time looking at the ones that capture your interest. The classes are free, and the platform is simple to use.

  1. Springboard Digital Marketing career track bootcamp

This course needs basic knowledge of statistics and writing skills. It's probably better suited to individuals serious about digital marketing. 

This likely includes folks with prior digital marketing experience. Springboard is a mentor-led, community-driven, full-stack digital marketing certification alternative. 

It's a significant improvement from the typical video tutorial. Rather than depending exclusively on video training, you'll master the 'full stack' of digital marketing abilities (SEO to social). You'll have frequent video calls with a mentor (a professional in the business) and access to a peer network for support.

Springboard also emphasizes job preparation. You'll create a marketing portfolio, and a career coach will examine your resume. With a professional network, you can find your first digital marketing job. There are only a few spots available, and you must have an undergraduate degree.

Key takeaways and next steps

It would be beneficial if you gain a strong understanding of the different types of post-graduate courses that are accessible. In India, these courses are in high demand. However, there are several other options available to you.

For both newcomers and seasoned digital marketers, skill-building possibilities abound. Whether you want to take it online or in person, there's a course for everyone, no matter your goals, schedule, or budget. After graduation, your final decision on choosing a digital marketing focused course will be based on your digital marketing career goals and the types of employment you want to land. Having a clear understanding of these two elements will make it easier for you to choose a course.