How to Take Care of Your Gold Mangalsutra, Kada, and other Traditional Gold Jewellery

 Gold is a metal that has won the hearts of the people over many other metals like silver for years. The jewellery made of gold is never outdated and in today’s scenario, people love to wear the latest gold jewellery designs. Along with the latest gold jewellery designs, Indians love to keep their traditional gold jewellery safe so that it can be forwarded to the next generation. To keep the traditional gold jewellery for a lifetime, it is important to maintain its shine and purity.

Here are certain tips about how you can take care of your different pieces of jewellery like gold mangalsutra, bangles, kadas, etc.

1. The gold made of 100% purity or high carats are valuable but delicate as well. They can be easily damaged if used very often. Hence, if you want your jewellery to be made of high carats, use them very delicately on only special occasions.

2. If you are using gold-plated jewellery, avoid them at places where soaps, detergents, or any other strong chemicals are used. Along with that do not use such jewellery while gardening, cleaning, or bathing in the swimming pool. Also, wash gold-plated jewellery very carefully without using strong brushes. More friction from the brush can wash away the gold plating from the jewellery.

3. Take care of your gold mangalsutra, earrings, or other pieces of jewellery while enjoying yourself at the beaches. Firstly, the high saturation of saltwater can damage the shine of your jewellery and secondly, if you lose your tiny piece of jewellery in the big sea, you are never going to find it again. 

4. Another important thing to consider is how to store your gold jewellery. 

Keep a separate section for all your ornaments.

If you do not have such a storage section, you can use pieces of clothing and wrap each piece of jewellery in it. This is very important for the ornaments to have more diamonds along with the gold.

Keep the gold chains in their boxes given by the jewellers. This keeps them safe from being tangled. Sometimes untangling the chain results in damaging the piece which should be avoided at any cost. If you have missed the box of the chain, you can hang them separately in your safe.

How to Clean Your Gold Ornaments

It is not necessary to clean the gold jewellery regularly, but whenever it is done, special care must be taken. Here are certain tips that one can follow:

1. Occasionally, you can clean your jewellery using a soft cloth. Simply rubbing to remove dust and oil can be done by using any soft cloth in the house.

2. Another method is to use liquid detergent for cleaning. You can mix the liquid detergent in warm water and soak the jewellery for 10 to 15 min. If the jewellery needs extra cleaning, you can use a soft brush to rub and remove the dirt. After that remove it from the mixture, rinse it in clean water and dry it using any soft cloth.