Ways to Embrace an English Cottage Style at Home

English cottage style is naturally inviting. The welcoming vibe of it is wishful in America and different parts of the world. Luckily, you don’t have to dwell on countryside roads to live the vibes of an English cottage home. You can achieve at least a bit of it at your home in the city.

So, if you aspire to design your den into an English-style cottage, go ahead and read how you can achieve one by adopting the style element by element.

  1. Do not make it too perfect

If you love shopping for antique pieces or have inherited historical items, you may be at an advantage in decorating an English cottage home. Old furnishing and decorative items from the past will carry the charm that resembles the appearance of an English cottage. Avoid making it too perfect and in place. Casually arranging the antiques and other entities can help you achieve the look.

  1. Prioritize comfort

The first thing to do is prioritize comfort and get rid of all stiff elements. Comfortable furniture, smooth and cozy furnishing, and textiles can bring in the comfort of an English cottage home. Going casual can also bring in greater comfort. So, you may also go casual in your approach in selecting those furnishing.

  1. Fear not to add quirkiness

Certainly, sophistication is not a characteristic of an English cottage home. Embracing playful, quirky designs may help you in getting started in adopting the English Style. The English people are not afraid of adding some weird designs that are quirky but can give you some great moments.

  1. Add patterns and colors

Most of the appearance in your English cottage will rely on your choice of color and patterns. Bright colors and playful patterns contribute the most to achieving the style in its entirety. You may introduce these colors and patterns in form of the wall color, furnishing, and fabrics. You may also add playful abstract pattern rugs in achieving the look.

  1. Mirror will make a difference

English cottage mirrors are a thing to pay attention to. It is done especially to get the best of the views outside and natural light, hence is generally placed opposite the window.

  1. Art gallery on the wall and art on the floor

You may also curate a section of your wall for an artful zest, featuring paintings, drawings, and fine arts from ancient times. You may also pick some of your favorite modern paintings and start exploring new collections even now.

  1. Introduce a library

Another common feature of English cottages is the bookshelves, and books in stacks or queues whatever you may call them. So, if you want to achieve the same ambiance while you design yours, collect books that align with your interests so that you can read them in your leisure hour.

  1. Warm and cozy kitchen

Going out of the way from a bright, modern kitchen to a traditional, cozy one can help you achieve the warmth and look in English cottage homes.

The characteristics that can make it more inviting are wooden furniture, hanging pots, colorful walls, and a shag runner rug for an unignored comfort.

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