3 Advantages Of Postcard Save The Dates Over Magnet Cards!

Outdoor wedding season is on the ramp. This is the right time for couples to plan their big day uniquely. The most important thing to keep in mind is to invite your guests to the wedding function. Now, you have to make a list for this purpose. First of all, you need to go for a wedding announcement. If you have finalized the venue, date, and list of guests, you need to inform them. Therefore, the majority of the couples use the save the date wedding cards for this purpose. Some people use magnet cards as well due to the advent of technology. These cards are highly common for announcing the wedding event. Which one is better? Learn more about these two in the below lines.

About Magnet cards:

It is an effective method to share and spread the words and your wedding news with your guests. These magnet cards include information such as venue, date, and others to let the guests make their arrangements well in advance before the formal invitation is sent.

Which is better?

Magnet cards and save the date cards are used for the same purpose. Using save the date cards can be more beneficial than the other options. Some of the benefits of saving the date card over magnet cards are here.

  1. Highly Multipurpose Material:

With the several benefits of saving the date cards, you can be at ease. You can uniquely design cards to offer aesthetic appeal. Its manufacturing process is simple and easy. They come with the material that makes them clean-edged and looks more lavish. The card is ideal for acknowledgement. The easy assembly method can be easy to store without any hassle.

  1. More designs: 

Get innovative and unique designs. These are great for containing tuck and closure on both ends. You can use these cards easily because they are lightweight. No doubt, cards are very simple to place. Save your time and money by using these cards. You know the value of your time and money, so you can design your cards on your own and save the maximum amount. You can prefer to design a card in a new style. You can get the envelope with customized sizes.

  1. Easy to customize:

Save the date card is easier to create than the other option. Amplify the impact of your event if you try out the customizing your save the date cards. You can easily print with a minimum of 250 pieces. There are plenty of options for you in the product library. You can choose the style and design as per your requirements. It is undoubtedly helpful, and it guides you on each step.


This is the time to announce your wedding with custom save the postcards. They are very simple and easy to manage. It enables you to include a fun twist to your occasion. In this way, you can make your invitation card stand out in the crowd.

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