Advertising on WhatsApp

Nowadays, the number of WhatsApp users is increasing, and this is why this messenger attracts people's attention for advertising. This messenger is a good atmosphere for cheap, fast, and effective advertising. WhatsApp, however, has restrictions to prevent users from advertising for free on this messenger. Join us to learn how to overcome the limitations and methods of advertising in this messenger.

You can introduce your business and attract customers through WhatsApp in three ways. Stay with us to know more about these methods.

Advertising By Posting Content on WhatsApp Status

On WhatsApp status like an Instagram story, you can show your content for 24 hours to your contacts. This is a good method for advertising because many WhatsApp users pay special attention to part and even out of curiosity, they will open your status and see your content. So, in this case, you can increase the number of your customers.

Sending Messages in WhatsApp Groups

In this method, you send your advertising post to your intended groups and show your content to the group’s members. If you are a member of a group related to your field of business, it is a good opportunity to advertise your services and products among your target audiences. But generally, it is not a good advertising method. In the following, we want to explain to you why this is not a good advertising method?

Why advertising in groups is not a good method?

Since WhatsApp group members are limited, your message will not be seen by many people. And in this case, you cannot have effective advertising because high-yield advertising needs a large number of audiences. People usually do not pay much attention to all messages of the group and because of this reason, your advertising messages may not be seen by audiences.

Sending Messages to People’s Private Chats on WhatsApp

As you may have guessed, sending messages to people’s private chats on WhatsApp is the best way of advertising on WhatsApp. Because in this method your message will be seen 100%. But you should know about the restriction of this messenger on daily sending in which you cannot send messages to more than 100 anonymous people (someone who has not saved your WhatsApp number on their phone or has not chatted with you on WhatsApp before) per day. And if you want to send more than this number you should use more lines (WhatsApp accounts). In this case, you need a tool to do this operation automatically. Because this is an intolerable and time-consuming affair to send bulk messages and change lines before reaching the restriction.

But for advertising on people’s private chats, you should consider some factors. We will explain these factors in the following.

  1. The first one is writing a good text for your content. The text of your advertisement is the first thing that audiences will see from you and the importance of writing an appropriate text is obvious.
  2. You should use some simple words and it is better to avoid using specialized words. You have to make a good relationship with your audiences to attract them.
  3. Do not send your messages without a greeting. At first, you should say hello then refer to introducing yourself and your business.
  4. Do not forget to address your audiences with special and appropriate titles like (gentleman, madam, friend…).
  5. You have to choose your audiences correctly. It means sending your advertising messages to people who are interested in the field of your business or somehow related to your business and need your services. In this case, if you do not send your advertising to appropriate audiences, you may be blocked and reported by them. Because they feel you harassed them by sending messages. Stay with us to understand how you can have a list of target contacts.

How you can provide a list of target audiences?

You can use WhatsApp groups to make a list of your target audiences. If you have some groups that are related to your business it is better to extract the members of those groups and send them your messages privately. Because they are probably interested in your field of business and need your services and products. In this case, if you send your advertising message to these people, they may become your customers. There are some tools that you can extract the number of WhatsApp group members automatically for you.

In this article, we have tried to say you how you can advertise on WhatsApp. In the following, we mentioned 3 methods of advertising on WhatsApp and the limitations to sending messages in people’s private chats, and solutions to bypass them. we also told you how you can provide a list of your target audiences. Then we said the advertising operation is time-consuming and difficult. So, you should use a tool that can automate all steps of advertising.