How To Fix Common Dog Behaviour Problems?


Being a paw parent in Australia is no easy task. While having your dog pounce on you and lick you all over and run you tired on the sandy Byron bay beach is an unparalleled joy, sometimes the pups misbehave.

It is for times like these that dog training sydney is exceptionally essential. Training your dog is an excellent long process and keeping your patience is the only way to get through.

Moreover, this process relies on one main thing – reinforcing rewards for positive behaviour. The longer you keep at it, the more likely and quickly the dog will adopt the best behaviour.

That said, your dog may be showing some of the following common behavioural problems, so how do you fix it?

Let's see in the following post!

1.    Insistent barking and random jumping at guests

Is your dog generally a bit jumpy and defensive when meeting new people? Then, it would be best to redirect them to 'down-stay' or 'sit-stay' before you open the door and welcome someone inside.

Moreover, you must offer the visitor a handful of dog treats which they can give to the doggo once they behave well and sit quietly.

This will reinforce the idea that behaving well with new visitors will earn them yum treats, and they will behave politely. Add to this, if the dog is still restless and refuses to sit on all four paws, then the visitor should ignore him.

2.    An excessive amount of licking

Sure, having your beloved dog spring at you and get you under while they lick all over your face might be adorable. After all, that doggo is like your dear kid.

But that licking can soon become excessive and obnoxious. So, how do you get through it? Redirect your dog to something else.

You can also offer treats or toys to your doggo to maintain the truce and distract him with something better. Once he figures out the small, innocent trick, he may often grow quiet in hopes of tasty food treats!

3.    Snuggles on furniture

This may not be quite a problematic behaviour on your pet's end, but it still needs a good deal of discussion.

Of course, cuddling your furry friend on the sofa will feel like impersonal moments of therapy and peace, but you must also make sure the rest of your family also follows the same pattern.

So, set the boundaries early as possible and stick to them with consistent training.

4.    Chewing through everything

It’s not uncommon for your dog to chew through everything possible – your shiny new shoes, old rugged sofa, or the tv remote. It’s your responsibility to keep all the new items away from your pup.

Whatever you do not want him to chew on, keep it out of sight. Simple!

Moreover, you can offer your dog chew-approved, safe toys to fulfil his chew cravings still. This way, the doggo will try to be on his best behaviour possible.

Wrapping Up

Training your puppy can be a costly affair. Dog training sydney can easily cost you anywhere between $100 to $250.

What might be a lot cheaper is instilling and reinforcing good habits in your doggo via a reward system. Every time your dog does something good, offer a treat.

Also, try to be subtle but persistent with your instructions. The clearer you are with your dog, the easier it becomes to imbibe it.

If you allow it to be, dog training can be fun for both you and your beloved four-legged pet.

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