The Ultimate Guide To Buying Double Door Refrigerators

 If you are furnishing your new home and buying kitchen essentials, a refrigerator is one significant investment you will make. Refrigerators are meant to last at least a decade. So, making the right choice without blowing up your budget is necessary. From a single door to camping fridges, refrigerators are versatile. Smart fridges with app controls have transformed the usage of fridges to the next level. So, if you are looking for a smart fridge that can serve a family of 5 or more, a skope 2 door fridge is the best bet. 

Buying a double door fridge: Things to consider

A recent survey reveals that Aussies spend $4000 every year on failing fridges. So, it is always sensible to go by reputed brands. Many consider double door refrigerators to be a luxury. However, this isn't true. Double door fridges can be of remarkable functional use, especially for bigger families. Two-door fridges are well known as French door fridges and have broader and profound spaces to store all your essentials. However, if this is your first take with a double door fridge, here are some factors to think about,

1. The size

If you fancy a double door fridge, ensure that your home can settle. Unlike the common misconception that double door fridges will eat up indoor space, they are the ultimate space saver. Double door refrigerators have shelves and storage racks many fold larger than regular fridges. They feature a model in which the interior design is in such a way that it has made the best use out of the built area. Most double door fridges are 17 cubic feet. However, they can also range up to 34 cubic feet. So, to begin with, use soft tape to measure the available space. Ensure there is enough space for the door to swing open and close without hassle. 

2. The temperature range

Most refrigerators offer a typical temperature range. However, one should not neglect watching out for this spec. It is always better to opt for fridges that come with a broader temperature range so that you can avoid frost building up. The best temperature range is 1 degree C to 5 degrees C. Too high temperatures can create an environment that can pave the way to bacterial buildup and cause quick spoilage of the stocks. 

On the bottom line, you will have to look out for fridges in this range and ensure that the freezers are below 0 degrees C. Though this range is pretty conventional, ensure that you settle for fridges that come with instant temperature adjustment panels for quick access. 

3. Energy efficiency

If you'd like to save some bucks on your electricity bill in the long run, investing in a refrigerator that is energy efficient is the best move. Undeniably, refrigerators that consume less energy are on the expensive side. However, they can save a massive Ransome on your electricity bill in a year. French door fridges that come with a 5-star energy rating can save more than 50% on the electricity bill, though you get to stack massive supplies!

4. Additional features

If you fancy a modern double door fridge, you cannot deny the fact that display fridges are the most reasonable. For functionality, you can also look out for two-door fridges with a temperature display and smart features. A skope 2 door fridge has the above-mentioned feature and much more with a dedicated team to monitor and serve customer queries and needs. Luckily, with skope fridges, you can also tailor refrigerators according to your requirements. Other features to look out for include freshness evaporators, temperature control for each chamber, anti-frost setups, etc.