Top Five Equipment Pieces You Need to Open a Coffee Shop

These days it isn’t easy to open a business, and that includes a coffee shop. But if you are armed with information about the necessary equipment your coffee shop needs, you are set up for success.

Despite the turbulence of the past year, things still look rosy for a coffee business. According to data from Research and Markets, the coffee shop business niche is expected to skyrocket to $237.6 billion by 2025. Coffee is one among the most popular drinks in the world and has a significant impact on people’s social lives and daily habits.

To become a successful coffee shop owner, you need to be on top of trends, find reliable restaurant supplies partners, and purchase the best equipment your budget allows.

Stick through the very end of this article to help you get started in your buying journey. 1.Auto drip coffee makers

Expect that a good portion of your sales will come from standard black coffee. Therefore, you want a coffee maker that packs a lot of oomph. Your coffee maker must be solidly built to churn out high quantities of coffee per day. 

Moreover, it must be quick enough to deliver during the busiest times of the day and massive enough to produce large-sized coffee batches to enable you to brew coffee throughout the day continuously.

Coffee shops often utilise multiple coffee makers that create different blends simultaneously. But avoid stretching yourself too thin. Many successful owners of coffee shops recommend limiting to three or four blends at a time.

2. A premium quality espresso machine

Most coffee drinks contain espresso. Therefore, you are in real need of investing in a high-quality espresso machine. Restaurant supplies experts know that the industrial espresso machine market can be overwhelming due to the wide range of choices. Some of the premium brands have a sticker price that could shock you.

It is crucial to understand the features that make a good espresso machine to get the best value when you happen to find the right one for your needs.

  1. Industrial grade coffee grinder

Many coffee shops use unground beans to make sure t`hey serve the freshest coffee possible. You need to add an industrial-grade coffee grinder to your shopping list. Purchasing the right grinder can make a huge difference in your coffee’s flavour profile and aroma. 

2. Industrial grade blenders

According to a consumer study, 38% of coffee shop customers order blended drinks. For this reason, you will need to invest in at least one blender to benefit from this trend. 

It is crucial to buy a high-quality blender, although it can be expensive. It is best to purchase a piece of reliable equipment that won’t malfunction, especially when your store starts making frozen drinks daily by the hundreds.

3. Ovens and toasters

Sixty per cent of coffee shops serve a selection of hot food. Therefore, you need a fast and reliable way to heat food quickly. Many coffee shops serve sandwiches, bagels, and pastries, which means you need a toaster or oven on hand.

If you store frozen breakfast sandwiches, you will need a quick but small-sized oven accessible to baristas.

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