Uncovers Adversary-Threat Infrastructure and Tools

As technology is dancing our way of getting security has also changed. Online threats are always going to be there and we must always be prepared to beat these threats. Social media has become our necessity, online shopping, the dark web; these are round-the-clock threats for all those who use the internet. One way to protect our activities online is to use Cyber Threat Intelligence and tools. This is extremely important if you are running a business online. These tools have many features and can suit the needs of different types of businesses. There is much vulnerability related to the internet as well as possibilities.  We cannot miss these opportunities by getting afraid of internet vulnerabilities.

We must take advantage of the technology and double the online opportunities. Cyber threat teams are getting stronger day by day and to push them back modern tools are the best.  Here is the list of the intelligence tools that you must include in your enterprise to protect its ecosystem. In 2022 these tools can help you with enterprise-grade features with guaranteed security. These must have intelligence tools to protect your business from online threats.

What features must the intelligence tool have?

There are some key features of an ideal tool by which you can pick the right one for your business. First of all, it must be data-driven.  The tool must be capable of collecting information from multiple source types and creating a reliable repository of knowledge related to threats. In case a threat arises it indicates you making it power predictive and your business gets a proactive defense system. Secondly, it must be a flexible tool that you can connect with your desired location or any branch office.  Your tool must be compatible with your IT structure and diverse environment.  It must be completely focused on the external threats. It should have integrated systems that can help with the detection and response.  It must be able to scan everything like documents, repositories, data feeds, etc.

There is so much going on in the businesses and your tool must be able to provide you with comprehensive protection which means on all the devices, network parts, and on premise services.  It must cover threats from all around the world and even places like the dark web. Hackers are not choosy where they find loopholes they get in. a hacker sitting in one part of the world can hack into the computer of the person sitting in the other part of the world. Your Cyber Threat Intelligence tool must be extensive and robust.  It must be able to co-exist with compliance and logging tools, diverse environments, and hardware variants so that it can offer you a system that is dynamically compatible with security and intelligence.

Threat intelligence tool you can choose in 2022

There are some leading companies in the market working on creating the best cyber security shields. These tools are sophisticated, powerful, and have variants one after another.  Here are some best tools which you can consider for your enterprise safety.

Cisco umbrella

You can trust this tool with your eyes closed. The company is the leader in the market and you get every feature intact. There are different plans and packages available and itself is a complete package when it comes to cyber security. It is available for $2.25 dollars each month which is going to be an investment for your enterprise.  This tool is designed for large organizations that are always at the stake of hackers.


This tool can protect you from the dark web and social media threats. It can even extract risk information even from the dark and deep web.  It offers a shield to your cyber data and networks. With plenty of features in one, it can be the right solution for your needs. You get 24X7 monitoring and protection with its pre-built data search filters.  It is compatible with other security tools and offers actionable outcomes in seconds.

Luminar Cognyte

Hackers are also advancing and they can come up with new strategies. Security companies are running ahead and making security shields that are better than their strategies. Luminar is one of them as it is having features that give security against all the possible threats. It can monitor every corner of the web and have some customized features for the users. Using this Cyber Threat Intelligence tool you can assure that your security is up to the mark. It is an effective shield to fight against cyber terrorism. It can generate insights in more than twenty languages. This tool is adaptable and a tool that our enterprise will need.

Acid Tech offers a wide range of security tools that can help you build a protective shield around your online identity so that you can pay attention to your success and not the potential threats.