Useful tips and suggestions to improve fertility

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 Fertility can be defined as the power entrusted upon both men and women to create a new life. There are various conceptions revolving around fertility which assumes major proportions when it comes out to a boiling game, as to who among the both the partners has the lacunae. 

There was a time when the onus fell on the women; and men failed to acknowledge that it is their medical issue that is the deterrent. However, things have improved remarkably with the passage of time.  But blame game between them and persistent failed attempts have led to the loss of valuable time in addressing the root cause of the problem.

Human fertility is governed by multiple factors such as social, economic and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation and demeanor, food habits, state of mind etc.  In the past, people would simply resign to their fate without any effort; however, today it is a completely different situation. Advancement in medical science and the diverse number of medical tests are enough to reveal the fact that the problem lies with whom. Further, humans also know the probable ways of dealing with it as well as  the answer to the elusive question “ how to increase fertility?”.

Biological Clock of men and women

The biological clock of women ticks faster than men with the period of fertility touching the peak  in the 20s age bracket till the age of 30;  and hits its nadir in the late 30’s and 40’s. There is an expiry date for their ovaries and once the time is over, the couples are left with no other option but to opt for IVF treatment.

Males on the other hand, can father a child till the age of 80.  Though the quality of their sperm deteriorates after crossing the age of 40, still they can make their female partner pregnant at an elderly age. A large number of factors are responsible for the male infertility such as sperm disorder, after effect of certain medications, genetic imbalances or due to a medical condition called erectile dysfunction. In current times, the problem of ED is completely treatable with the help of an effective erection enhancing medicine called Kamagrauk. It is loaded with a powerful element known as Sildenafil Citrate, which improves the circulation of blood around the male reproductive part and offers a strong and long enduring erection to males for enjoying sexual intercourse. 

Tips to improve Fertility

 A healthy lifestyle and a controlled diet are considered as the basic guidelines for increasing fertility among both the sexes. Fatty meals and fried foods which contain excess amount of saturated fats must be avoided. 

The only thing that can do the trick for you are 

  1. Fresh fruit and vegetables, 
  2. Whole grains, 
  3.  Drinking lots of water, 
  4.  High fiber food  
  5.  Use of multivitamins.

Giving up on smoking and avoiding the use of alcohol and recreational medicines are essential to stay healthy and virile.

 Engagement in yoga, meditation and regular exercise will prevent you from gaining weight.  Further men should avoid heated conditions such as steam bath or sauna bath. They should also avoid wearing skin tight undergarment.  It takes times for the sperms to accumulate in the male reproductive part. So, they must ejaculate less frequently to improve the volume and the quality of sperm.  To enjoy a healthy and strong erection, males can rely on Kamagra Jelly. It is a fruit flavoured jelly whose onset starts within half an hour after use and it keeps men in action for close to 4 hours, thereby offering them ample time to enjoy multiple orgasmic sessions. 

So, whenever you want to extend your family, remember that is the responsibility of both the partners to know essential details on how to increase fertility.  Just stay in touch with a doctor from the very start to have a healthy and beautiful baby.