What Is Professional Development For Teachers

How Teacher Professional Development Affects Student Learning

Time and money are always the stumbling blocks when it comes to career advancement. That's why it's so important to make the most of the resources we have.

Teacher Education Consultant explains: Teachers have access. For example, this year will be a priority for teachers' lecture days and staff meetings, with a special focus on mental health and well-being and connecting them to student success. "

Of course, there is a strong link between mental health, student achievement and the H&PE curriculum. However, training in certain learning topics may require less or more individual initiative in engagement. So why is it important to support in-service training for health and physical education (PHE) teachers? Where can teachers be helped? Please read more information.

The more teachers we support in implementing the curriculum, the more students will benefit. The Ministry of Education has announced an updated version of the PSE Elementary School curriculum. This is a complete and meticulously written document. This delivery can be particularly challenging given the importance of helping Ontario students improve their mental health and well-being, physical education and health literacy and develop the comprehension, ability, and will to lead and promote health. active life.

What are the hallmarks of effective professional development?

Tim Fletcher, associate professor of physical education in the Department of Kinesiology at Brock University, said, "Initiation of a policy must be accompanied by implementation support, otherwise the policy will be applied inconsistently and potentially inefficiently." . What support do you need? Fletcher stresses that there is no single standard for an effective approach to professional development. However, there are some things to consider.

To effectively meet the needs of teachers, professional development for teachers must be rooted in their environment. This includes not only his class, but also his school and community. In addition, professional development is often most effective when done in small groups, allowing teachers to share and learn their ideas and life experiences. To be effective, Online Professional Development for Teachers must be continuous so that teachers have the opportunity to try things out in classes and clubs, reflect on their achievements, and discuss what they have learned. Try again at his age.

These elements contradict the general form of one-day training in which professionals are invited to give presentations and then teachers are forced to practice the learning without additional help.

In addition to not providing meaningful and ongoing support in putting what is being learned into practice, these traditional career development sessions can be costly to the school. Training days reduce class time. Given the time spent teaching, planning and organizing extracurricular activities, it is also clear that teachers have limited training time. Learn by interacting with colleagues who have different experiences.nH&E best practices are constantly changing. Therefore, improving teaching skills is essential.

The School of Education seeks to provide a solid foundation for PSE to all preschool teachers, but the knowledge requirements for education in Ontario are vast. Continuing education is therefore important for teachers. We need to combine quality education with opportunities for interaction for teachers to enable them to continue learning. According to Mr. Walsh, the exchange between new and experienced teachers is more effective. 

They have up-to-date theoretical knowledge of the workplace, but little knowledge of practical applications. These are lessons learned from experienced teachers. It is possible. Don't do it yourself!

Because of the limited time and resources available, it can be difficult to obtain high-quality health and safety training. No teacher should accomplish this task alone. School and school leadership support is important and we must continue to demand quality professional development.

The teachers also have to work together. Learning is a social event! Learning is deep, where like-minded people come together to discuss their learning styles and strategies. Following the release of the 2019 Basic Health and Physical Education (PHE) curriculum, Ophea will offer professional development activities throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. In fact, the better we learn, the better we can learn. And if there's one thing that unites us as teachers, it's our efforts to give Ontario children a better, healthier, and happier future.