Why Hair Coloring Is Not Just For Hiding Grey Hair


Grey hair is pretty common in your older years and can only be worsened by stress, poor sleeping habits, and aging. It's been used throughout history as a form of fashion while hiding those greys that can come with time. However, it's not just the grey hair that you have to worry about; sometimes it's difficult to maintain the glowing hues you get from your color job with shampoos and conditioners that contain damaging chemicals. Some of the chemicals that can be found in shampoos are known as parabens, which are added to conditioners and hair dye to prevent mold and mildew growth on the product.

What is Hair Coloring?

Hair coloring is a salon job where hair color service in chandler az use either ammonia-based or hydroquinone based to create the desired color. Hydroquinone is a synthetic version of Vitamin K. It works by inhibiting the production of coenzyme that makes your melanin pigments (which are also known as pigmentary skin color) in your hair. You get this by applying an ammonia-based toner to your head and leave it until it dries in its natural state, which can take several hours.

Significance of Hair Coloring:

When the ammonia-based or hydroquinone is absorb into your scalp and hair, it will eventually affect the root of your hair. This can be ideal for those who have had a chemical-processed dye that does not give you real color. However, it can also be used on those who have already dyed their hair with other products in the past.

Types of Hair Coloring:

How Hair Coloring Works

When people talk about hair coloring, they are talking about what the color will be after the hair has been processed with a dye using ammonia or hydroquinone (chemical-based). Most dyes that are available to consumers today are permanent hair dyes that are considered semi-permanent. Semi-permanents will last for up to 12 weeks while permanent dyes can last between 6 months to a year. The dyes can be found in different forms such as crème, cream, and mousse. These products contain hydrogen peroxide which works by penetrating into your hair shaft and help lift out old pigment.

Why Hair Coloring Is Not Just For Hiding Grey Hair

It's not just for hiding gray hair but also for those who have found themselves in a situation where their natural pigment has faded. For example, people who had highlights before will find that there are sections on their head which have faded and they can only be fixed by coloring again or applying a dye to the empty sections.

How to Use Hair Coloring

When it comes to hair color service in chandler az, it is a the process depends entirely on the type of color and what you are looking to achieve. There is also a very big difference between using permanent hair color and semi-permanent hair color . If you have had your hair colored before, it's best to talk with an expert rather than trying to dye your hair at home because your ends might get too light or too dark when compared to the actual color you want.

Possible Hair Coloring Risks:

As you can tell, the job of hair colorist is not why most people think it's easy, especially if you have never colored your hair before. There are many possible hazards and dangers of hair coloring. The two main risks are burns and skin allergies.

1) Burns: The first risk that you will be faced with if using hair coloring is burns. Hair dye can be a very harsh product when it comes to your hair and scalp, which makes it hard for your hair color specialist to know how much of the product they need to use on you.

2) Skin Allergies: Skin allergies are also possible with hair coloring. You should always be wary of this because it can happen to anyone who colors their hair with harsh chemicals. There is a chance that you could develop an allergy to the chemicals in your hair dye, depending on which ones are used and how often you color your hair.

3) Scared scalp: The last risk that you run into when dealing with dying your hair is being too greedy and coloring it too dark. This can result in your scalp being scared from the harsh chemicals of the dye and from how dark it's got in the color process.


As you can tell, hair coloring is not something that should be approached lightly. It requires a lot of time and effort on your part in order to get the results you want while keeping all of your hair healthy and growing. Sometimes, it's just better to go with a little natural gray in your hair instead of going through the trouble of trying to hide it.