6 Ways to Increase Your Salon/Spa Client Base

Attracting new clients to your salon is easier said than done. To convert potential clients into frequent visitors, it’s important to differentiate your salon from your competitors. Spreading the word, however, requires a robust business plan and a cutting-edge salon booking app that aids your marketing efforts. This fantastic duo ensures that your clientele expands steadily. Here’re six effective ways for salons to get more clients and grow profit.

1. Target the Right Clients

It’s important to advertise your salon to a person who is genuinely interested in your services. With a salon online scheduling app, you can quickly identify your customers’ booking patterns, understand the most-opted services, and discover if a frequent customer hasn’t shown up in a while. The online booking app for salon will simplify your search for ideal clients as it stores a vast amount of insightful customer data.      

Once your target audience is identified, aim your marketing efforts toward customers who book regularly or often. Reach out to those who’ve left you a comment, suggestion, or a review. If a guest visits your salon after being referred by a friend, call up to thank the referrer and offer a discount on their next bill. All these initiatives will help you retain a vast base of loyal, high spending clients.

2. Make Your Salon Discoverable on Google

Creating a free Google My Business account is the first and best way to remain recognizable in today’s highly competitive salon market. It ensures that you’re being found online by new clients. 

Optimize your account by adding a list of treatments you offer, your salon’s address, location, email, phone number, opening hours, and of course, a clickable link to your salon booking app. Customize your Google profile further by including the types of salon services you provide, for example, hair salon, nail salon, skin care, barber shop, and so on. Add photographs of happy clients, well-kempt salon premises, opulent facial beds and shampoo stations, and of your staff at work. Encourage your clients to leave Google reviews and value their feedback by providing a well-timed response. Be sure to update your Google imagery and information regularly. 

Optimize your online booking app for salon to make it visible in Google searches. A cracking and responsive web design and regularly optimized content will rank your website high. As your business grows, it makes a lot of sense to invest in SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and other digital marketing tricks to obtain a steadily increasing clientele. 

3. Optimize Your Salon Booking App Features

To hook new clients, your salon booking app should be mobile-friendly, with clutter-free content and design. Clients should be able to get right away to the desired information. For example, details such as phone number, email ID, contact form, location, and route map should be visible on every page. If a client wants to book an appointment, they should be able to do so without switching to another screen of your salon booking app. The CTA should be displayed prominently, inspiring the user to take the next step. 

4. Shower Social Media Love

Craft Instagram and Facebook business profiles to post strong visuals and eye-catching photographs that can work as your sales pitch. Include your salon booking app’s details in your bio to drive potential clients to your website. Use hashtags so your posts show up in search results. Join engaging conversations to build “trust” by asking questions, suggesting simple DIYs, running contests, posting pictures of your salon, and replying to each comment. A 25 to 40 seconds video posted on your salon’s Facebook account can reassure prospective clients and inspire them to book.    

5. Offer Personalized Discounts 

Customize your salon booking app’s client profile management module so it notifies you about client birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. This will allow you to send personalized emails, offering them a discount on your salon services. This is a great way to foster relationships and encourage repeat business. 

6. Exhibit Your Salon at a Popular Beauty Show

Setting up your kiosk at a well-known beauty show is a great way to display the talents of your hairstylists or nail artists. Posting live videos and impressive photographs from the event on your social media profiles and salon booking app will boost your brand’s recognition and motivate potential visitors to book appointments.

Expanding your salon’s clientele will require you to harness every single client touchpoint. With a fast and slick online booking app for salon, you can gain actionable insights to increase your conversions.

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