Ring Camera Not Connecting to Wireless-N Repeater? Let's Fix!

Ring cameras are one of the most wonderful home security devices that are designed to give you peace of mind when you are not at home. They allow you to monitor your home remotely and are easy to install. However, you need to have access to an internet connection. But, what happened? Is your Ring camera not connecting to the Wireless-N WiFi repeater? Don't worry! Give a read to this post and learn what to do if your Ring camera fails to establish the connection with the WiFi repeater.

Fixed: Ring Camera Not Connecting to Repeater

  1. Perform Web Upgrade

At times, an outdated firmware of the Wireless-N repeater is the reason preventing you from creating a connection between your Ring camera and extender. It is because the firmware controls the overall functionality of the repeater. Therefore, before you run out of time, update the firmware or do a web upgrade on your Wireless-N WiFi repeater.

To perform a web upgrade, first of all, you need to download the firmware upgrade file for your Wireless-N WiFi repeater and save it on your PC. Once done, access the default IP address of your repeater. Log in to it using the WiFirepeater login credentials. Thereafter, look for the Web Upgrade option and upload the firmware file of your repeater. Wait for the web upgrade process to get completed.

  1. Bring Repeater Close to Router

Another reason behind the Ring camera not connecting to the Wireless-N repeater might be an improper distance between WiFi devices. Perhaps, you have placed both WiFi devices in two different corners of the house. So, it is time to reduce the distance between them. Place both devices in close proximity.

But, remember that too much closeness between WiFi devices might result in a clash of their WiFi signals. Thus, the distance between both networking devices should be optimal.

Note: If you want super-fast internet speeds, then consider using a wired connection over wireless. The reason being it allows both devices to communicate directly. Just, ensure that the Ethernet cable is free of wear and tear.

  1. Reboot the Repeater

Did you try rebooting your Wireless-N repeater? No? What are you waiting for? Do it right now! Know that rebooting is one of the most effective troubleshooting techniques to get rid of various issues including Wirelessrepeater setup problems

Here are the do-follow instructions in order to reboot your Wireless-N WiFi repeater:

  • Turn off your Wireless-N WiFi repeater.

  • Unplug it from the wall outlet.

  • Let your repeater rest for a while.

  • Plug your Wireless-N repeater back into the wall outlet.

  • Turn on your repeater.

Now, check whether you are able to establish a connection between your Wireless-N repeater and the Ring Camera.

  1. Experiment with the Repeater's Location

Where have you placed your Wireless-N WiFi repeater? Inside the cupboard? Under a table? Well, both these locations are poor. FYI, your WiFi signals are getting deviated or blocked in such cases. Not only these locations, but the areas near mirrors, fish tanks, and metal objects are also considered bad locations for your Wireless-N repeater. So, whether you are doing WiFi repeater setup or have completed the process, your repeater needs to be away from these things.

Besides, do not place your Wireless-N WiFi repeater near devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies. Some of them include Bluetooth speakers, televisions, microwave ovens, smart cameras, refrigerators, cellular phones, baby monitors, etc.

  1. Disconnect Additional Devices

Your Ring camera might also fail to establish a connection with your Wireless-N WiFi repeater if there is a bunch of devices accessing it. Higher the number of devices accessing your WiFi repeater, the lower the chances of connecting the Ring camera to the Wireless-N WiFi repeater.

So, identify the unnecessary devices accessing your Wireless-N repeater and disconnect them. Check for WiFi leeches too. If found any, block them and try to connect your Ring camera to the Wireless-N repeater.

Sum Up

Here, we end our troubleshooting guide to fix the Ring camera not connecting to the Wireless-N WiFi repeater issue. Hopefully, the tips and tricks mentioned above will help you get the problem fixed. If not, then consider restoring your WiFi repeater to the factory default mode. Once done, access the Wireless N WiFi repeater login page and set up the repeater from scratch. This time you will surely be able to connect your Ring camera to the Wireless-N WiFi repeater.