What is Design Thinking? How is it different from Agile?

Agile and DevOps are two modes of software development that are gaining in popularity in the IT industry every day. These two software development methodologies though different in their framework and principles can complement each other. The ultimate objective of both Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps is continuous delivery. Scaled Agile Framework is also known as SAFe, can work together with DevOps to produce a continuous delivery of software in an organization.


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

The Scaled Agile Framework is an extension of the Agile Manifesto that focused on integrating organizational needs with the agile software development methodology. SAFe is based on its four core values – alignment, transparency, built-in quality, and program execution. Organizations especially large companies with multiple divisions and sub-divisions that had difficulty in switching to the agile framework were able to utilize SAFe to achieve that. With the agile methodology of creating self-organizing teams and increased user involvement, more organizations were able to use SAFe to scale their business operations.



DevOps is a framework for combining software development and operation integration. It involves people, processes, technology, and company culture. Thus, reducing communication as well as collaboration gaps in the software development process. Replacing the traditional methods of software delivery, DevOps promoted greater collaboration between the software developers and the operations engineers. This resulted in successful software delivery and effectively helped in achieving the organizational objectives.


Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps


A combination of the two most popular software development frameworks is bound to become an effective tool in achieving the objectives of an organization. SAFe is already being adopted in many large-scale business enterprises. DevOps forms a component of the recent versions of SAFe, making it possible for the integration of the two-software development approach. While DevOps emphasizes larger collaboration between software development teams and the operation team, SAFe allows organizations to become independent and more agile. Thus, Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps can work together properly in an organization to deliver value.

Every organization struggles to meet the organizational objectives that they need to achieve through these frameworks like SAFe or DevOps. However, this cannot be done without identifying the gaps in the system. Organizations need to identify the problem areas and adopt the Scaled Agile Framework or any other scaled frameworks that work for them. DevOps should be a part of the conversation from the start and not as an afterthought. This will help the organization scale its business processes the right way with sufficient coordination between the development and the operation teams.


Both DevOps and SAFe are powerful frameworks that can transform the software development process and delivery for an organization. Learning about Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps will help organizations achieve their organizational objectives and improve their overall productivity. Therefore, organizations should start adopting both SAFe and DevOps in 2022, especially to get their business processes scaled according to the demands of the present economy.




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