A Complete List of Top Low Commission Realtors For You

When you want to sell your home and get the best deal on it, you have to find low-commission realtors. They are one of the best ways to save money on your home sale when you are taking the traditional route.

Another way to save more on your home sale is by employing one of the discount companies to list your home for a flat fee. You can decide whether you want low commission realtors or a flat fee MLS service. If you really want to sell my house fast south carolina, maybe listing with an agent and paying realtor fees is a better option.

It’s not that low commission realtors do not provide good service. In fact, the service of some low commission realtors is at par with a traditional realtor. You just have to find such a realtor. Fret not as we have here for you a complete list of top low commission realtors you can hire to gain more from your home sale. 

Types of low commission realtors

Low commission realtors can be classified into four different groups, which are as follows:

  1. Flat fee realtors

Flat fee realtors are the companies or agents that offer you a typical MLS listing service for a flat fee, which can range between USD 300 to USD 700. Flat fee companies are limited-service companies that offer a minimum level of support and service for selling your home. You can choose one of their multiple packages that can include services like listing your home on MLS, extra photo uploads, contract assistance, customer service, etc.

Most flat fee realtor companies do not offer a dedicated agent or in-person support. Again, while it might look like employing a limited-service company makes selling your home simple but it does not.

  1. Flat rate low commission

Flat rate low commission realtors are different from flat fee realtors as they mostly offer full-service packages that comprise MLS listing and other additional services. They charge an upfront flat rate that ranges from USD 3,000 to USD 5,000.

  1. Discounted commission full-service realtors

Discounted commission realtors offer services similar to a traditional realtor but charge a low listing fee that ranges from 1% to 2% instead of the traditional realtor’s 3% charge.

Medium-service companies offer services comparable to a full-service realtor. However, your home-selling experience won’t be at par with what you'd experience from a dedicated traditional agent. 

To cut costs, most discounted commission realtors streamline the real estate services they offer and offer less support. For instance, instead of assigning you a dedicated agent, they follow a team-based approach. Then there are other discount realtors that offer only virtual support, which means that your agent never actually visits your home.

  1. Virtual full-service agents

When you employ a virtual full-service agent to help you with selling your home, you get all the services a traditional real estate agent will offer you, but online. A virtual full-service company offers you an experience similar to working with a traditional agent and at a low price.

The low-cost realtors offer you advice on how to prepare your home for listing, pricing strategy for your home, professional photos, and other marketing services. They also help with negotiating, offers, contracts, etc. The difference is just that you don’t get a dedicated agent to personally oversee your complete sale like with a traditional in-person agent.

How much can I save working with low commission realtors?

When you are wondering about hiring a low commission realtor, it makes sense to know how much you can potentially save by working with them. While the rates of low commission realtors may seem large, selling your home with them can help you save thousands of dollars.

For example, for a USD 500,000 home, paying a standard real estate commission could cost you USD 30,000. But if you hire a low commission realtor, it costs you just around USD 20,000, saving you as much as USD 10,000.

When working with a low-cost realtor, your savings typically comes from your listing agent accepting a below-average fee. In most cases, you are still required to offer a buyer’s agent fee. The fee motivates local realtors to show your home to potential buyers. Alternatively, advertising below-market rates for your home could be disadvantageous. If you offer a home with a price lower than another seller in your neighborhood, would the local realtors recommend your home to buyers?

The best low commission realtors you can go for

Below is the list of some of the best low commission realtors you can go for:

  1. Houzeo

Houzeo is a flat fee realtor that provides home buying and selling services at flat rates. It provides the best mix of exposure, savings, high-tech, and reliable customer service. You can save thousands on commission with Houzeo’s advanced tech platform that allows you to list your homes on the MLS. 

Houzeo is not actually a low commission realtor but offers home selling services at a flat fee, lower than any commission. Such an arrangement saves you around 50% of the agent commission easily. You get access to a unique seller dashboard where you can receive and compare offers after registering on Houzeo. You can also update your contract, make counter offers, schedule home showings, etc. on the platform. Houzeo is the best company to maximize your savings while selling a home.

  1. Clever Real Estate

Clever Real Estate is one of the well-known low commission realtors out of many full-service brokerages. Clever Real Estate charges a listing fee of just 1% for full-service support, matches you with top local agents, and even pre-negotiates the offer for you on your behalf.

Clever Real Estate partners with many full-service realtors like Keller Williams and Berkshire Hathaway across the US. Also, Clever’s agents throughout the country provide an experience comparable to a traditional realtor while saving you up to 50% on commission fees.

But while Clever agents guarantee full service, they may not offer premium upgrades such as professional home staging and drone photography. 

  1. HomeLight

HomeLight is a good real estate referral company based out of San Francisco, CA. It utilizes real estate technology to market real estate. It is free to use, but you are required to pay your agent a commission as your house sells. Unlike other low commission realtor services, The company does not offer discounts on realtor commission as per HomeLight reviews. You'd probably end up paying between 2.5 to 3% of your home sale value in commission when other companies offer similar agents for 1 to 2%.

As per HomeLight reviews, HomeLight offers services similar to other low commission realtors but negotiates low fees on your behalf. You must try a service that offers good savings. 

  1. Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent is a good real estate company to find a top-rated agent from a traditional brokerage. The low commission realtor is present nationwide. But, if the savings you want with your sale are your priority, Ideal Agent may not be the right choice of company for you. As it pre-negotiates a listing fee of 2% with traditional brokerage realtors, it's cheaper than a full-service agent.

  1. Homie

Homie is another low commission realtor that offers a flat fee listing of USD 3500. It may seem like a reasonable flat rate as compared with traditional realtor commission but it doesn’t offer any good add-ons. You don’t get much in-person support and it makes the selling process slow. Like other low commission realtors, Homie has limited agents catering to a large chunk of customers, which takes a toll on the quality. Also, the add-on features included in Homie packages do not provide value for money.

Final word

Full-service low commission realtors could be the best fit for you. They offer the optimal combination of support and savings many home sellers want. With low commission realtors, you get the best overall value. You have to choose between the level of service and risk offered by different realtors. You can take help from Houzeo and HomeLight reviews mentioned here.

Medium-service realtors with flat listing charges are perfect if your home is in a hot market and you can spare some time for making the sale. A limited-service realtor is right for you only if you are an experienced seller who can do with the bare minimum support.