How each zone in home affects dining table vastu, reveals Vastu consultant in Kolkata!


Food is something we all love and yet dining hall vastu is often overlooked, says Vastu consultant in Kolkata. Most people assume that good kitchen vastu is what all matters. 

Good kitchen vastu is certainly important but it is never a substitute of dining hall vastu. After all, these 2 are separate units in nature. Kitchen is where you cook food and dining hall is where you consume this food.  

You should try to keep kitchen and dining area right next to each other for added vastu benefits, recommends, expert vastu consultants. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata confirms that good dining hall vastu is a crucial factor for determining our overall health and body.  

Most of us a special section in our home, in which we sit with our family and consume our daily meals. So, dining hall vastu determines our relation with food. 

It includes factors like; 

  • Attitude towards food, 

  • Digestion of food,

  • Absorption of nutrients,

  • Food preference, 

  • Lifestyle and so on.  

Combination of these factors is what makes our health and habit. There are 16 zones in total in the vastu shastra, among which some are great for dine in, while some are not at all.  

In the following section the Leading Vastu consultant in Kolkata has discussed how each of these 16 zones affects the dining hall vastu and our health. So, let us begin clockwise from Ishan zone (NE); 

  1. North East- This is the zone of Lord Shiva. Eating here routinely motivates people to adapt to satvik food, which excludes consuming liquor and non-vegetarian diet. 

  1. East of North East (ENE)- This is the zone of rejuvenation and refreshment. Eating here routinely makes people focus more on food’s presentation than taste or even nutritional value. While it influences youth to like junk food, it motivates elders to have nutritious food. 

  1. East - This is the zone of social connectivity. Eating here routinely will motivate you to invite friends, relatives or peers for meals frequently. Thereby, it will boost your social reach.


  1. East of South East (ESE)- This is the zone of churning. Eating here routinely will make people persistently criticize their food. They will find problem regarding its taste, quality, presentation, nutrition and so on.  

  1. South East- This is the zone of fir. Eating here routinely will motivate people to consume their food on proper time. Furthermore, It will enhance digestion and boost one’s appetite. All is all it will nurture health.


  1. South of South East (SSE)- This is the zone of power and confidence. Eating here routinely will boost digestion and makes the body capable of receiving the right amount of nutrients.  

  1. South- This is the zone of relaxation and recognition. Eating here regularly helps in easy digestion of the food. It also helps in staying mentally and physically active and relaxed. 

  1. South of South West (SSW)– this is the zone of disposal. Eating it for long will makes your body unable to properly absorb all the nutrients it requires. 

  1. South West- This is the zone of relationship. Eating here for too long will bring family disputes. Especially the father/husband/head of the family tends to become hot-tempered on rest of the family. 

  1. West of South West (WSW)- This is the zone of saving. Eating her routinely is especially good for upper economical class family, says vastu consultant in Kolkata. It will help adapt culinary style and table manner, which is crucial for such social gathering. 

  1. West- this is the zone of profit. Eating here for long will bring complete nutrition to the body and hence it is essential to stay in good health. 

  1. West of North West (WNW)- this is the zone of depression. Eating here regularly will make people tend to find faults in food. Additionally, it does not let the body absorb adequate nutrition from food.

  1. North West- this is the zone of support. Eating here will help in having easy digestion. You will be able to get all the crucial nutrients from the meals. 

  1. North of North West (NNW)- This zone is neutral in nature, says vastu consultant in Kolkata. It makes people want to try out new dishes, and is ideal for foodies.

  1. North- This is the zone of opportunity. Eating here routinely helps people prioritize one’s career. It can also help acquire opportunity, means and skills for it. Though it might comes at a cost of slightly weaker digestion.

  1. North of North East (NNE)- Vastu consultant in Kolkata consider this as the zone of health. Eating here for too long will motivate people towards making healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

For more dining hall vastu guidelines, contact expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata. Get in touch with us at Vaastu Mangaal today. 

Description- Vastu consultant in Kolkata discusses in brief how each of the 16 zones in the home affects the dining hall vastu.

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