How to understand online marketing, simplified into 1, 2, 3

Online marketing is a new era, where product of a company is promoted in online world where the buyers are already present.  It has become a latest trend and has also been crucial for every organization to adopt this method to maintain its consistency and presence in market. 

Earlier companies were using traditional marketing method which doesn’t provided the expected result, also it was very much costly. But with the existence of online or digital marketing the companies who have already adopted this begin to receive tremendous growth and also there was an incredible increase in ROI that insist other marketers to adopt digital marketing ASAP.

Understand online marketing 

To make you clear about online marketing we have split it up into 3 simplified steps. So that you get more knowledge by reading short informatics paragraphs

Online marketing required an internet and a digital device to promote your brand and make its availability in front of people.  There are some strategies which need to be followed by people to expose their brand worldwide. They are as follow:-

Search Engine optimization 

SEO is a technique used by companies to optimize there website by adding relevant keywords  Links,  meta tags and phrases through which it become easier for clients to search any website in google and yahoo. Also it helps to rank your website in search engine if it receives maximum number of clicks by people. 

SEO is of two types organic and paid you can implement anyone as per your convenience. Let’s know about them in brief.

  1. Organic SEO – It basically mean that your website rank in search engine without any amount invested in making its Ad and promotion. Maximum number of clicks made your website visible to clients whenever they make search related to your brand. 

  2. Paid SEO- it is pretty much know by pay per click method.  It is a paid promotion where companies have to invest some amount in making Ads of a brand in the form of banner and pop-ups. Which prompt in search engines like Google, yahoo and binge? This promotion is for limited time like for particular time period you have paid for the ad to exist. But in that time it provide unbelievable benefits to company. 

Social media marketing 

Social networking sites have gained much importance in promoting any brand worldwide.  With the excessive usage of internet and digital devices it has already made its space in the life of people and almost every single person uses Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. 

Earlier they were used for entertainment purpose to watch videos and blogs but now companies have used this medium to make promotion of product on this platform where millions of customers are already present. Huge response have been recorded by companies by promoting there brands on social platform 

Email marketing 

It is a profession way of marketing Brand. Here a promotional mail is send to bulk of customers to provide them knowledge about your Brand. Also instant response is provided by companies to clients to gain there trust. It also provide immediate feedback of interested customers and it is great way communicate with customer directly.

All the above discussion would have made you clear that how important is online marketing in this modernized world. 

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Written by Gaurav Heera, Delhi Courses Institute ‘s founder who’s also an Edupreneur & passionate stock market analyst having more than a decade experience in the industries. His institute provides multiple job oriented courses like stock market, cyber security and is known as best digital marketing institute.