Darth Vader Black Series NEOPIXEL Lightsaber Conversion

Darth Vader The Black Series Neopixel Lightsaber Conversion Kit "Black", the most powerful and deadly of all Dark Jedi, wields an incredible power. Anakin Skywalker has seen it in his own eyes...and is determined not to allow any such danger from another galaxy's greatest warriors. That said... if you have never experienced this new Sith apprentice before, prepare yourself for a trip down the Force-blasting rabbit hole!" ―Dark Knight Darth Sidious.

This is the best remote control Star Wars replica lightsaber you can buy in my opinion ( we don’t compare toys to real swords). I have a few star wars things in my house including a first order blaster, but this is hands down the best. I’ll talk about the coolest parts of this lightsaber kit and call out my favourite things about it.

Overall I think this is a good product, I like the build quality, you’re getting two lightsabers in one, they’re pretty sturdy and they stay together when you’re swinging it around. There are multiple play functions: Lights, Sights and Sounds, which are pretty cool.

The sound quality is great for a toy(who puts speakers inside toys these days?), but the sounds you can make are sorta basic. You can make humming noises, lightsaber swooshes and slashing noises(not a lot of variety there).

All in all, I like this toy, because it is well built, 2 in 1 (lightsaber and lightsaber hilt), easy to use and all my friends wanted to play with it as well(this one was a crowd pleaser). Oh yeah also something every nerd likes kids of all ages will enjoy. And most importantly my wife likes it too or at least she doesn't mind that I own it(which is kinda weird though because she loves star wars even more than I do. Thus meaning if she really didn't like it I probably won't get any).

Hey all, I’ve got a couple Star Wars lightsabers (Luke Skywalker’s RotJ lightsaber, Darth Vader’s lightsaber, Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, and Rey’s lightsaber) that I want to convert. I was wondering if anybody has any advice on how to do this?

I bought these as collectibles a couple years back, but lately I’ve had more fun turning them into sabers than actually using them. So instead of setting $400+ on the shelf, I decided to take apart the lightsaber I had more fun with (Rey) and just add an LED and removable blade. It was hard work at first, as I had never worked with electronics in my life. But after some careful research and asking around, I got through it.

The other reason why this wasn’t worth it is because of the sound. The sound in these collectors editions is horrible even after modification (at least from what people online say). They change the sound from a Xenopixel V3 Saber hum to some loud stupid noise which ruins the experience for me. So after modifying Rey’s saber, I can say for sure that an LED and a removable blade will make more sense for it.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this idea or if you have any suggestions for me!

Shivam Srivastava is an Entrepreneur and currently works as a Product Manager at Adoree Incubator in Bangalore India. He graduated from TCS College of Engineering, Pune in 2018 with a degree in B.