Halo rings- the bridge between tradition and aesthetics

People widely used engagement rings for marriage proposals. They deliver the promise to marry, the love and care two people have for each other. Halo engagement rings are one of the most popular types of engagement rings. They are also called pave rings.

The setting

The diamonds are set in a way that a round pavement is formed. This setting is beneficial as it helps bring attention to the centre diamond. Many small diamonds or other stones surround the centre diamond to highlight it. The centre stone does not always have to be a diamond. However, most people choose diamonds for their lustre and durability. 

A perfect blend of tradition and aesthetics

The halo engagement rings are vintage rings known for their traditional design. However, their design is being altered to cope with the recent changes in trends. Minor design changes, such as incorporating nude or light-coloured stone, bring aesthetics to the ring and give it a minimalistic look. These rings are famous among the current and the past generations and are accepted throughout. It is a known fact that both the mother-in-law and the bride's taste can be put into one ring with halo engagement rings. 

Enhance the size of the stone

A halo or a pave setting is known to enhance the size of the centre stone. Since many small stones are embedded around a large stone, the attention is directed towards the latter. The light directly falls on the stone, making it look more luminous. It is also known to make the ring look expensive. 

History of Halo rings

During the Georgian era, these rings became famous. A large stone was embedded with many small stones. This was done to enhance the ring's look since the diamond looks bigger. Many times, pearls and other stones like quartz, topaz, and sapphire were used to surround the diamond. The name came into being in the 1910s.

Actual meaning and measurements

During Victorian times, the halo setting was customised. The weight of the larger stone has to be the same as that of the many smaller stones combined. In that era, this proved to have great significance. This meant that both the man and the women were equals. The smaller stones represented a man's protection for his woman. In contemporary times, this does not have the same meaning. The definition has evolved and is now purchased for its ability to enhance the size of the centre stone. 

Choose the correct type of stone- preferably that defines the bond.

The most crucial stage in making a ring-based proposal to your special someone is to decide which type of stone best conveys your feelings for them. For instance, the most popular stone, a diamond, symbolises pure love. On the other hand, the sapphire stands for sincere and enduring love; the emerald represents naivety and the topaz youthful passion. In contrast, the ruby indicates a love that is both strong and poisonous. Before choosing a stone, it is crucial to take one's budget into account.

Make a careful and wise choice.

One of the most expensive purchases in life is an engagement ring, so take your time and make a wise decision. Make sure you purchase a certified stone from an authorised laboratory, such as the American Gem Society or the Gemological Institute of America when you finally find the perfect ring. The biggest trick many jewellers use is to use diamonds that have been verified by other labs but may have inflated grades, giving the consumer the impression that they are getting a great deal when they are purchasing a diamond of lower quality. Always make sure to purchase certified diamonds.