How Have Accessibility Problems Changed in Modern Times? – accessiBe

Accessibility concerns are certainly not new. For centuries, millennia even, there have been numerous creations and inventions to help those with accessibility needs. Some of these inventions, for example the wheelchair, are still around today, albeit slightly improved and more comfortable. But during more recent times, maybe the last couple of centuries or so, people have been fighting for change more than ever before in how people are treated. Equality has become something each minority group strives for and the same is true for those living with a disability. We can see in the world around us that many improvements have been made. Ramps and elevators, disabled toilets and hand rails. But as the world continues to develop, new areas are arising where help for those living with a disability are needed. Companies, like accessiBe, are successfully meeting the challenge of continuing to make this world more accessible to all.

A major development in the world in recent times is the internet. The world is a very different place with the internet in our lives. There are so many possibilities available to us that we never had before. While this has been great for us for a while now, it has also been essential during the last couple of years. As shops and businesses were forced to close their doors, those with an internet presence were able to continue. People were able to continue working but from home and yet stay connected. Business meetings were still able to go ahead. Without the internet, how would the last couple of years have played out?

Yes, the internet has helped all of us. A problem has occurred though during this time. With so many new websites popping up each and every day, there are many websites out there that aren’t accessible for those living with a disability. So, while many are enjoying all the extra choice and information now available, to some it has just created more frustration and the feeling of discrimination. As there are so many different types of disabilities out there, all requiring assistance in different ways, it is understandable that some may feel they can’t possibly cover them all. Unfortunately, this can stop them looking into it at all. But there is software available that means all the hard work is done for you. You don’t need to know every single disability and how that affects each person, you just need to care enough to want to make a difference and then let the software do the rest.