8 Date Ideas That Aren’t Dinner and A Movie


While eating nice food and watching a great movie is a good way to spend the evening, sometimes you need to mix it up a bit. Whether it’s for a quirky first date, or an anniversary, we’ve taken a look at some weird and wonderful ways you can spend date night that don’t involve dinner and a movie.

Check out our ideas below to find some fun and interesting ways to spend some time with your partner.


Go Book Shopping

Bookworms assemble. Book shopping is the new fun way to spend time with your partner. You could head to a bookstore, and each pick out a book for the other to read that night. Or if you don’t trust one another to find the right kind of novel, just hang out as your browse the titles in store!

Online Psychic Readings

Not the usual suggestion for a date, but why not try an online psychic reading, like the ones offered on Meet Your Psychic? This could be an exciting way to spend time with your partner as a psychic reads your energy and gives you important information about your life.

If you’re really trusting, you could even ask the psychic about your relationship and whether you’re truly compatible – though, this is definitely not for everyone.

Take a Tango Class

If you love Strictly, or you just want to learn to dance, then a Tango class is the one for you (or another type of ballroom, if you fancy it). You can join a class as a couple and learn from professional teachers among other novices for a fun and active date night.

Sunrise Hike

For the early birds, why not turn date night on its head and have a date morning instead. You could find an impressive location, get up before the sun, and hike to your lookout as the sunrises. It’ll make from some stunning views, and even better Instagram pics!

If you couldn’t think of anything worse than getting up before the sun, you could always try a sunset hike. Much later in the day but with the same spectacular views and photo ops.

Live Theatre

Though it’s sort of like a movie, live theatre is a different way of being entertained than the usual dinner and a movie night. Check out your local theatres current listings to see if you can find a play that you’re both interested in seeing!

Go Rock Climbing

For another active date, rock climbing is a unique way to spend some time with your partner. If you’ve got the experience, you could head out to your favourite rock climbing location or play it safe with an indoor centre if you’re a beginner!

And if you enjoy rock climbing, your next date could be a treetop walk, a high ropes course, or even learning the trapeze. The possibilities are endless.

Get on a Random Train

Though this could end with you in the middle of nowhere or a very boring town, it could also end with you in the most exciting place you have ever been. That’s the fun of it. Getting on the first train on the platform, or the train that leaves the station closest to 4pm is a great way of seeing new places and spending time with your date.

Board Game Night

Board games are a fun way to spend time away from your screens. You can grab your favourite games and spend the evening having fun in a very old school way – though we recommend avoiding Monopoly!

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