Do Doggie Daycares Need Heavy-Duty Kennels?

Dog kennels help doggie daycares keep animals safe and secure while you are away on vacation or attending to an important task. These kennels are made using high-quality stainless steel that comes in various options for sizes, designs, and customization options to ensure the complete safety of your furry companions. Besides doggie daycare centers, these kennels are useful for other animal facilities like veterinary clinics, animal rescue centers, dog shelters, police canine facilities, luxury boarding facilities, and more. 

Heavy-duty dog kennels are essential to keep animals of all sizes and breeds confined to their designated areas. If you are purchasing new kennels for your canine care facility, you can choose one from a wide range of durable kennel types. Here is a brief overview of how these kennels work and why they are necessary for your doggie daycare center.

Types of Heavy-Duty Kennels

Heavy-duty kennels can be made to order for different facilities, with the cages, gates, doors, and panels customized according to the types of animals that are to be kept in them. Some of the most popular kennels include raised, extreme, double-stacked, guillotine-stacked panels, and more. These kennels can be used at facilities like dog grooming centers, vet centers, humane shelters, and animal rescue facilities among others.

Benefits of Heavy-Duty Kennels

Heavy-duty kennels provide each animal with its own space, allowing them to eat and play comfortably. These kennels are easy to clean and require very little maintenance, making them the perfect choice for canine facilities of all kinds. Each kennel has its own waste collection system with easily removable waste trays. Additionally, these kennels come with a lot of customization options, including choices for size, stackable configuration, kennel accessories, heavy-duty latches, and quiet handling.

Animal feed can be added to rotatable bowl feeders that allow these types of daycare centers to replace their food and water without opening their cages or removing the animals from their enclosures. Raised kennels provide the added benefit of lifting the animals above the ground, making animal removal and cleaning very convenient. Stainless steel allows these cages to be sterile, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi and, therefore, reducing the risk of animal infections and mortality.

Heavy-duty dog kennels can be customized according to the needs of the facility, available space, and budget limitations. With a wide range of choices available for doors, back panels, side panels, frames, and more, these kennels are the ideal way to ensure that your animals are cared for and comfortable throughout their stay. Solid and secure latches keep each animal in its enclosure, making it easy for you to manage the animal facility.


Doggie daycare facilities have multiple types of heavy-duty kennels that allow animals to stay safe and secure at animal care centers and vet clinics. These kennels allow these centers to replace food, remove waste materials, and clean pet enclosures with minimum effort. Since these kennels are made using high-quality, industrial-grade stainless steel, they are ideal to prevent microbial growth and ensure the optimal health of the animals.