What is MBA in Marketing? Is it worth it?

The prospects of businesses are increasing every day in today’s competitive marketplace. Companies are placing importance on marketing strategies to promote their brand and products to customers. While digital marketing is the trendsetter in this industry, traditional marketing methods are also used by some to attract more people.

An MBA in Marketing or an equivalent degree is preferred by employees looking for candidates to join their sales and marketing teams. This is because a degree in this field develops social and digital marketing skills in students and prepares them to meet the challenges of the business world.

Is an MBA in Marketing worth it in today’s fast-moving digital world? Let’s find out.

What is MBA in Marketing?

Marketing refers to the method of promoting and selling goods, services and products to potential customers through advertising or other means. To put it in simple words, marketing is the activity of attracting customers using effective communication.

An MBA in Marketing is a comprehensive program that develops the critical and analytical skills of students and introduces them to lessons in various forms of marketing, sales, advertising, promotions, etc. The program also nurtures the communication and networking skills of students to prepare them for future interactions in the marketplace.

Career opportunities with an MBA in Marketing

As business and technology are the superpowers that fuel the growth of economies across the world, the scope and career prospects in these fields are high. The employability and revenue generation in these industries make them strong forces in the global marketplace. Let’s take a look at the career opportunities with an MBA in Marketing.

  1. Business development associate

A business development associate helps increase the sales and growth of a company. As a business development associate, you must study market trends and create business strategies accordingly to attract more customers to the company. Maintaining cordial client relationships is also the responsibility of a business development associate.

  1. Market research analyst

A market research analyst analyses the current trends in the market, gathers data and other potential information, identifies areas of growth and helps in the preparation of business strategies to market a product to the consumer.

  1. Sales manager

As a sales manager, you must set monthly targets and coordinate the entire marketing team with plans and strategies to achieve them. Providing guidance, training, and mentorship to marketing associates are the responsibilities of a sales manager.

  1. Digital marketing manager

As the world is growing digital every day, the role of a digital marketing manager is indisputable in organisations. As a digital marketing manager, you must handle and oversee the digital marketing operations of a company such as social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, etc. You must ensure that a strong online presence is maintained, and the advertisements reach the target audience.

These lucrative and recognised job roles and many others such as public relations manager, customer relationship manager, brand manager, etc. underline that an MBA in Marketing is worth pursuing in this age of globalisation.