Effects of Manglik Dosha on Married Life and Ways to Manage It

According to astrology, marriage would have difficulties and sufferings even if a Mangli (Manglik) marries a non-Manglik. There may even be instances where the life partner loses their life. According to astrology, the marriage of two Mangliks ends the Manglik Dosh; hence it is appropriate to marry a Manglik to a Manglik. If you're unsure what it is or its influence, keep reading!

How Does Manglik Dosh Affect Your Marriage and Married Life, and What is It?

Manglik dosha and marriage are closely related concepts in Hinduism. The best astrologer in Canada puts a lot of importance on Manglik Dosh. According to astrology, a person is considered to have Manglik Dosha if Mars is in their horoscope's first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth houses.

Due to the location of Mars, Manglik dosha happens. When it comes to Mars, it is known as the God of War, and it is still unmarried. Oddly, the native's horoscope is strangely influenced by a planet that, although unmarried, produces combinations that make marriage proposals and married life constantly problematic. 

Therefore, it is typically encouraged that a Manglik person marries a Manglik because doing otherwise will harm their marriage. Astrology indicates that a marriage will have difficulties and sufferings even when a Mangli (Manglik) marries a non-Manglik. The life partner may occasionally be left behind. 

Astrology also suggests that getting a Manglik married to a Manglik is a good idea because marriage between them automatically stops the Manglik Dosh. Read up on it if you have doubts about why it affects people.

Why do some people have Manglik Dosh?

The formation of Manglik Dosh should be understood first, along with its causes and consequences. The defects associated with Mars are the cause of this. According to the scriptures, Mars represents anger, strength, bravery, and good fortune. If Mars is perverted in a person's horoscope, they will be aggressive, arrogant, and powerful.

If such a person marries a non-Manglik, the Manglik person will attempt to dominate the non-Manglik partner using their passion, rage, bravery, and anger. It is impossible for the marriage to be effective under these circumstances.

As a general rule, in Hindu society, it is thought that if a man or a woman has Mangal dosha in the horoscope. If they get married to a non-Manglik, then the life partner could lose his life, which is why most people pick a Manglik partner in life for the marriage of the Manglik natives.

How to manage Mangal Dosha

Your life may have difficulties and obstacles if you have Mangal Dosha, especially in your marriage. This astrological combination is among the most dreaded in Hindu culture. However, the consequences of Mangal Dosha can be reduced or even eliminated by several astrological procedures by the best astrologers in Canada.

Fasting is followed on Tuesday -Tuesday is a fast day to counteract Mangal's effects. Eat nothing but toor dal (Split-Pigeon Dal) on this particular day to increase the effectiveness of your fast.

To marry another Manglik - If a Manglik wants to avoid all of the unfavorable outcomes associated with the Mangal Dosha, they should get married to another Manglik.

Navagraha Mantra - A Manglik should recite the Mangal Mantra or the Navagraha Mantra every Tuesday. The Gayatri Mantra, or the Hanuman Chalisa, recited 108 times daily, can also remove Mangal Dosha.

Vivah Kumbh - The Kumbh Vivah ritual is performed when one spouse is a Manglik. Tradition dictates that a Manglik should wed a peepal tree, banana tree, or silver or gold icon of Lord Vishnu. It effectively offsets Mangal Dosha's unfavorable effects.

Ring of Red Coral - Mars is astrologically associated with coral, a striking red gemstone. Wearing this gemstone might lessen the unpleasant effects of the mangal. Please make sure the stone is natural, though, before wearing it.

How can Manglik Dosha be removed from your Kundli?

One of the common misconceptions regarding Mangal Dosha is that having it in your Kundli ensures that your marriage will fail. But this isn't always the case. Keep your emotions under control and avoid getting carried away by rumors. You can also contact with the best astrologer in Toronto to find out exactly how your marriage may be affected. Getting rid of myths, using astrological assistance, and dealing with mangal dosha are all important.


The term "Mangal Dosha" simply refers to Mars's placement in critical or unfavorable areas of your horoscope. The power of Venus and the seventh lord is crucial to marital compatibility. The strength of a planet's influence depends on its degree.

Horoscope matching involves more factors than only Guna-Milan and Mangal dosha. The existence of Mangal Dosha won't be a deterrent if the Dasa matching results, health evaluations, and longevity assessments of both couples are favorable.