Gautam Gambhir: Life History Of This Amazing Player

Gautam Gambhir, an Indian cricket player who is well known, was born in Delhi on October 14, 1981. He is an amazing left-handed batter who plays for the Indian cricket team in all international games. A former ICC Test number one batsman is known as an "Unsung hero" for his "finest two batting performances ever" in the finals of the ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 and the ICC World Cup in 2011. In 2011, both of these tournaments were held. Many people think that Gautam Gambhir, who is better known by his nickname Gauti, is the best spin bowler in the game because of how fast he moves his feet. In addition to being good at hitting which one can see via live match video app, he has a strong reputation for being a great close-in sweep fielder.

  • Background -

Gautam Gambhir, who was born and raised in Delhi, India, started playing cricket for the first time when he was ten years old. In the year 2000, he had the chance to be in Bangalore's first graduating class from the National Cricket Academy. Since his first-class debut at the domestic level, which is the highest level of competition in the country, he has been a consistent performer, averaging more than 50. After scoring two double-hundreds in a row in 2002, Gauti was given the chance to start all of the Indian cricket team's games.

  • Debut -

Due to his consistency in first-class cricket, Gautam Gambhir was a strong candidate for India's TVS cup team in 2003, which went to Bangladesh for the tournament. No one should have been surprised that he played his first game against Bangladesh in the first game of the tri-series. His match-winning inning, in which he scored 71 runs and won the match for India in the third match of the cup, was the best part of his otherwise lackluster performances, which led to him being kicked off the team.

Gautam Gambhir's first Test match was against the Australian Cricket Team in the most recent Gavaskar Border trophy match. To say that things didn't go as planned would be an understatement.

  • Fame -

Gautam Gambhir was a key part of India's success at the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa in 2007. India went on to win the tournament. During the tournament, he scored 207 runs for India. 75 of those runs came in the championship game, which India played against their bitter rivals Pakistan (off 54 balls).

  • Falloff -

It was decided not to include Gautam Gambhir on the Indian side that would compete in the ICC World Cup in 2007, given that Virender Sehwag, Sourav Ganguly, and Sachin Tendulkar were already members of the squad. According to him, this was a very difficult period in his life that brought about significant personal growth. Because of this, his perspective on the world shifted.

The 2010s were a difficult decade for Gautam Gambhir in terms of his professional success, particularly between February and November of 2011. Because even when he was performing poorly, he only averaged 29.33 points a game, the team had no choice but to release him from his contract.

  • IPL -

The best decision that the Delhi Daredevils could have made going into the inaugural season of the Indian Premier League was to sign Gautam Gambhir, a well-known player from their very own city. At the end of the season, he finished with 534 runs scored, which was sufficient for him to finish in second place in the league.

After that, he led the Delhi Daredevils as captain the following year, and throughout the course of the following two seasons, he amassed more than one thousand runs. After that, he was moved from the Mumbai Indians to the Kolkata Knight Riders in a deal that was worth a combined $2.4 million. As a result, he holds the record for having the highest annual wage of any player in the history of the Indian Premier League.

In his capacity as team captain, he guided the Kolkata Knight Riders to victory in the Indian Premier League in both 2012 and 2014, bringing the franchise's total number of championships to two in a row. As of right now, Gautam Gambhir is currently ranked in the top four of the tournament in terms of the total number of runs he has scored.

  • Captaincy -

During a cricket match that took place in 2010 between India and New Zealand, Gautam Gambhir was given the role of captain of the Indian cricket team. Due to the fact that India performed so admirably in the series under Gauti's guidance, he was awarded the title of man of the match for the series. In spite of the fact that Gautam Gambhir has only been in charge of the Indian cricket team for a short period of time, he has a spotless record of victories.

  • Records -

Throughout the fifteen years that Gautam Gambhir has represented India in international cricket competitions, he has established a lot of new records. When he rapidly struck 116 runs against Bangladesh in January 2009, he became only the fourth player in the history of the game to hit five Test hundreds in as many games. He did this by scoring quickly against Bangladesh. Don Bradman is the only player in the annals of cricket history to have scored six hundred in as many tests. As a result, he currently holds the record for the most centuries scored in as many tests.

  • Conclusion -

Additionally, Gautam Gambhir is the first Indian cricket player who has ever scored more than 300 runs in each of the four consecutive test series that they have played. This is something that he has accomplished four times in the past. During a test match between India and Bangladesh, Gautam Gambhir had eleven consecutive innings in which he scored fifty runs or more. This result tied Richards's long-standing record; Richards had been the record holder for many years before this.