Leverage and Profit Sharing: Fidelcrest Review

 Fidelcrest provides the maximum leverage of 1:100, which is not the highest but is also not the lowest. This is very comparable to other prop firms like FTMO and TopStep. It turns out that with this leverage, your account's purchasing power will be sufficient to produce earnings of up to three digits and even more.


Only the MetaTrader 4 platform is reportedly available in terms of trading terminals, as per the prop trading firm. In this regard, the prop firm does not provide any further alternatives, but despite this, we think that it will be sufficient to engage in professional trading with substantial cash due to the platform's robustness and trajectory.

On the other hand, Fidelcrest modified its terminal to specifically provide its traders with the finest market trading circumstances, including raw spreads starting at 0 pips & 0 commissions.

There are many built-in tools and features on our platform that you may use without paying a penny.

Plan for Fidelcrest Scaling

The scaling plan at Fidelcrest enables its most successful traders to handle up to $1,000,000—or even more—in specific circumstances.

First, you must have finished your first trading period on a sponsored account to apply for the scaling plan. Next, you must get in touch with customer support to request and sign an agreement. You will be instantly included in the Fidelcrest scaling plan after you have signed.

As was already noted, the scaling plan enables you to increase your account balance to $1,000,000, but the proprietary firm claims that they may grant an exception if a trader has demonstrated extraordinary profitability and prudent risk management with their professional account after one year. But before starting the trade you should go and check fidelcrest review on Google to clear your thoughts.

If you follow the scaling strategy offered by Fidelcrest and hit your profit goals, your account will double every 12 months. This is far quicker than what any other prop provider offers, according to the business.


The company will grant you access to a new account with real funds, where the earnings are real and can be split between the trader as well as the forex prop firms, once you have successfully completed the challenge or evaluation procedure, which as we saw above consists of two steps.

Profit sharing

Given the large percentage of the total that the trader receives, profit sharing at Fidelcrest is highly advantageous for the trader.

To be more exact

Normal risk strategy for Micro Trader and Pro Trader accounts: 80% of gains go to the trader, and the company retains the other 20%.

Swing and ProTrader accounts for micro traders with an aggressive risk strategy yield 90% of the profit to the trader and 10% to the company.

As a result of your performance in the verification stage, Fidelcrest will pay you a registration percentage fee on your performance when you move to the live account. This fee may equal up to 50% of the minimum profit target attained in the verification stage.

Income Withdrawal

The finest part, the one that everyone enjoys, is now here: withdrawing profits. In this regard, you should be aware that the trader's profits will be credited to your account using the preferred payment method once the trader has satisfied the requirements of the funded account stage. This processing will take place within 1 to 3 business days following the conclusion of the stage 2 and stage 3 trading periods that were approved.

There are ways to withdraw your winnings:

·       Money transfer

·       PaySafe by PayPal (Skrill, Neteller, etc.)

·       Bitcoins

There are no withdrawal restrictions and no associated costs, but you should be aware that bank transfers beyond the SEPA region will incur a 50€ fee per transaction.

You should also keep in mind that the account needs to be in your name if you do this.


Fidelcrest is not among the most significant in terms of tools or instructional resources; in this regard, there aren't many resoles available.

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