What do you prefer? Online Shopping or Traditional Shopping

 How many of you are into online shopping? How many times do you order in a month or a year? Are you a person who’s crazy about fashion and online shopping? What kind of shopping do you prefer online? What type of shopping do you prefer, traditional or online? Which one do you think is more convenient in our daily lives?

Well, it depends from person to person as each person has a different choice and opinion about a single thing. In this blog, we will discuss the different questions that are being asked often to a person. 

How many of you are into online shopping?

Most people in the 21st century are into online shopping. In various research, it is seen that the percentage of online shopping has increased rapidly. One of the reasons is the pandemic. The pandemic has made online businesses grow at a faster pace than ever. People are now very much dependent on online shopping. 

Most adults do not find time to go out shopping, look at the product, and visit different stores to buy them. The lack of time, patience, and variety has led to opting for online shopping and has reduced traditional offline shopping. People want things easily at home, but do not want to work and give time to such things, which again leads to the increase in online shopping.

Online shopping provides a much better range and more variety of products than offline and at a better price with multiple offers. Who does not want to have offers and discounts on the various products of their choice? Everybody is busy these days and hardly finds time to go out and visit various stores. Thus online shopping has become an easy mode for all terms of shopping.

What kind of shopping do you prefer online?

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What type of shopping is convenient in our daily lives?

Well, it depends from person to person which method he/she will choose. There are both pros and cons of online and traditional shopping. Each is unique and different in its ways and people like to enjoy them differently. 

Online Shopping


  • Online shopping is time-saving as people do not have much time to go out from store to store and shop.

  • Online shopping also offers more variety of products than offline shopping. Since online shopping has multiple products, one will find all products under one online store thus saving time and money.

  • One gets more offers online than offline.


  • Though it is time-saving, one cannot see the product properly and trust the reviews while buying the products.

  • Online shopping does not let the person know the quality of the product and thus might face some problems while buying them.

Traditional Shopping


  • Traditional shopping lets a person visit different stores, compare the product, price, and others and then buy them.

  • One can buy quality products in traditional shopping as the person will be able to touch, see and try the products before buying them.


  • Traditional shopping is time taking and one has to devote a lot of time to go and buy the products.

  • The prices are comparatively higher than online shopping and one does not get many offers or discounts in traditional shopping.

Thus these are some of the pros and cons of traditional and online shopping. One can always choose the desired one according to their preferences. Buy your favourite items online and avail of various offers and discounts on them.