Why choose CMC Markets and what are its benefits?


CMC Markets is well-trusted across the world, and offers an excellent trading experience due to its competitive pricing and range of instruments that can be traded. Apart from this, there are so many useful benefits to look upon.


We offer tight spreads, regardless of market volatility and to provide an affordable and reliable price. We provide attractive spreads across our range of products starting at 0.7 point on to 1 point on the most important indices such as the UK for Treasury and shares.

     More trading opportunities

With hundreds in spread betting as well as CFD instruments that trade across indices, forex, commodities, shares, ETFs and Treasury bonds. It is possible to build an extensive portfolio, expanding your trading options.

     Dynamic charting capabilities

The charts that have won awards offer many options to aid your analysis of charts, such as different chart types, more than 115 indicators for technical analysis, drawing tools, including a pattern recognition feature , and our community of chart forums as discussed in  CMCMarkets review.

     Trade anyplace

Our mobile trading applications were designed and developed specifically designed for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to give you the most enjoyable trading experience and give you total control over your account as well as your trades wherever you are.

     Control of execution

Make trades exit and enter instantly using our advanced technology. There are a variety of order types available, which means you are able to determine precisely when and how your trades are completed. For instance, our single-click trading feature lets you execute a trade quickly and for more efficient order management, you can establish limits to prevent any slippages within the market.

     Risk management

We've designed a variety of risk-management tools to assist you in managing risk efficiently, helping make sure you are able to maximize your profits and reduce losses. If you're looking for absolute certainty that a trade will be closed at the exact price should it be unable to close. We offer guarantee Stop-loss Orders (GSLOs) for a fee. The premium will be returned in full in the event that it is not activated.

     Support is available 24/7

Access support round all hours of the day, whenever markets are open, through Our professional Client Service team. If you experience any type of technical, trading, or account problems or issues with your account, you can swiftly and easily communicate with one of our experienced team.

     Sharpen your skills

No matter what your degree of experience in trading No matter your level of experience, our comprehensive collection of educational resources will assist you in learning more as our step-by step guides will assist you in making your most out of our innovative trading platform.

     Regulated and licensed

As a broker regulated by FCA, we adhere to the strictest rules and regulations. This is the basis for how we conduct business, and is a guarantee to treat our customers with respect, so that you know what you're doing.

ECN (Electronic Communications Network) functions and the ways you can make use of it and how you can use it. If you're looking to trade in currencies or some other instruments, an ECN Forex Broker will surely provide you with the best service. In addition, the post provides the top ECN broker and you are able to pick one or more according to your individual requirements and goals in trading. Not only that, but the ECN broker can allow traders to trade at the most optimal conditions possible from the liquidity companies, but it will assist you in trading without a shady way.

If you work using the ECN broker  you don't face any conflicts of interests since you'll be required to pay a specific amount of money for every trade. Additionally, you can get the most efficient liquidity if you are a professional scalper who wants to trade in large quantities.

ECN Brokers on Forex

It could take days searching for the best ECN Forex broker that can serve you in the exact way you'd like. This is why the following list of brokers that offer excellent ECN conditions will fall into play. We've compiled this list of brokers following thorough study by our specialists. This list will not only simplify the process of finding the perfect broker and broker, but it can also help you save effort and time.

The ECN brokers in this list are regulated by international and trustworthy regulators. Furthermore, all ECN brokers are included in the official Traders Union website with positive reviews.