A Leading Web Development Company in India - Glasier Inc.

The growth of your business in the post-covid era can be exponentially catalysed through an out-of-the-ordinary digital presence. This incorporates having an SEO-smart web and mobile application with a remarkable UI/UX experience and solid digital marketing put in place.

Glasier Inc. provides a one-stop solution with an astounding web and mobile app service to create a buoyant digital space for your business. A noteworthy IT service provider to brand your business on Internet, Glasier Inc. is equipped with talented individuals to innovate the online presence of your product or service.

Services offered by Glasier Inc.

Glasier Inc. caters to digital solutions for businesses across the globe. Their client reviews speak about their web development competence and experience in providing these solutions with a pleasant client experience in the entire process.

They offer web development, mobile application development, custom software development, UI/UX design, best SEO Services in India, a dedicated development team, QA testing, wireframes, and prototype development. They build stellar software products with skilful individuals using excellent technologies.

Expertise in Application Development

Glasier Inc. is a web development expert utilizing top-notch technologies, including IoT, to bring excellence to their client services. 

They build on Back End technologies like Python, .Net, Node.js, Java, C++, Ruby, PHP, Scala, etc., for development and technologies like AWS-RDS, Redis, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase, MariaDB, GraphQL, etc., for the database to create data-intensive high-performing scalable applications for their clients. 

For Front End, they use popular technologies and frameworks like Angular, React JS, Vue JS, Typescript, etc., that render high-performance, robust and responsive applications. Their mobile application technology base includes iOS, Flutter, React Native, Android, Java, Kotlin, Swift, etc.

Successful Client Deliveries by Glasier Inc.

Glasier Inc. is a technology-driven service provider that offers quality web development services and digital solutions with high-rated customer service. They have satisfactorily served multiple clients across the world with excellent client reviews.

Some of their best client works include:

Food Vault and Food Vault Partner an on-demand food delivery application built using Android, iOS, and PHP technologies. Food vault partner is an application for food business owners to create a market space for their service.


  • Polka tots

Web application for select hygienic baby products built using Html, WEB, and WordPress.


  • Just Call

Built using Android and iOS, it offers individuals to create an outreach for their services.


  • Mashroobee

An e-Commerce platform that offers beer services to customers built using Android and iOS.

  • Aglory hair and cosmetics:

A web application for skincare products. A similar one created by them is Bhagwati skincare and cosmetic.


  • Glasier Wellness

A prototype app built using Android and iOS for medical service.


  • Cosmic panacea

A web application for charity work. More of their web application clients include Rose and rabbit, Light up your world, Vagadia tea, etc.

The above few examples are just a glimpse of their successful client deliveries. Glasier Inc. has a high customer satisfaction rate with an exceptional software service.

Rated under Top 500 Development Companies

Top Developers review of top-tier IT service providers has listed Glasier Inc. in the top 500 promising web development companies of 2022. Top Developers is a platform that researches and analyses the performance of development service providers to bring forth reliable digital solution providers.

Their listing has rated Glasier Inc. under op 500 listing, which proves the dominance of Glasier Inc. in the web development niche. Glasier Inc. provides innovative solutions to their clients and builds products using top-notch industry popular technologies with friendly customer service for their clients. 

Glasier Inc. digital solutions are delivered to the clients, and their reviews about the products speak about their expertise and experience in the domain. Choose Glasier Inc. to transform the online presence of your business and escalate its growth.

Summing Up

Glasier Inc. provides unique web development solutions with a reliable team of skilled individuals. Their trustworthy, quality-oriented, and transparent approach makes them a confident choice to hand over your digital space responsibilities right from creating and optimizing to maintaining long-term support.

Glasier Inc. is a staunch preference if you are looking for a comprehensive service provider to create your online business presence. They offer a smooth workflow with cutting-edge digital solutions at budget-friendly pricing.