How to Do Valentine's Day on a Budget

Celebrating a valentine day is all about unwinding, relaxing and spending quality time with your significant one, and this opportunity shpuld never be missed. In case you have stress of any kind or budget is your concern there is no need to worry. There are several appealing ways that can help you get valentine day gifts without making a hole in your pocket. Other than some apparent option of cooking special dinner at home, there are numerous fun and creative activities you can do without breaking the bank. If you are concerned about the funds this valentine day always remember a five star meal or jewellery are not the only things for a meaningful Valentine day. Your loved one may not be interested in such gifts and it is all about activities that makes your day a memorable experience and putting together tiny and affordable gifts. 

Some of the wonderful ideas of valentine day on a budget are-

Look at your old photographs together

Scroll through your old photos on Facebook or Google photos, and your changing images will tell you how you have changed over time. You can see the pictures in which you gave a personalized Valentine day gifts to surprise your dear one. Watch your old videos together, the letters you exchanged when you were young. Spend some quality time together over a cup of coffee and looking forward to some beautiful future moments together. 

Have a meaningful conversation

Presenting rose day gifts and having a meaningful conversation is the perfect day to reconnect with your significant one and kickstart the valentine week. Talking about your dream future, discussing about the old days spent together and keeping your conversations positive will make your day special with your loved one. Console each other if anything is missing in life and assure that their happiness is more important than anything else. 

Special Moments can be re-created by giving propose day gifts

Be it college days or the initial long drive, it can be re-created along with a propose day gifts. Take her to the same place or have dinner at your much-admired joint and re-create and relive the romance on that special day. It fills the day with affection and nostalgia and it is more appealing than an exorbitantly priced gift.  

Enjoy Dinner and a Movie 

Enjoying dinner with a movie is a traditional way to celebrate a valentine day and to keep it low on budget, you can be creative by cooking at home and watching your favourite movie together on an OTT platform. So how about a candlelit meal together with a movie and chocolate day gift will be an icing on the cake. Splurge on your meal if you feel like and call from a favorite local restaurant of your choice. 

Enjoy a cup of coffee together

A romantic conversation over a cup of coffee can never be underestimated. For a very small amount you can have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day date that will be etched in your mind all your life. You can have a chat in the cafe and enjoy a walk around with a cup of coffee in a nearby park. Always remember quality time costs nothing. If your budget is small, you can’t go wrong with a cup of coffee and a sincere love letter.

Picnic will be a great idea

If the weather is good, plan a picnic. Make cheese sandwiches, your favourite marble cake, and a bottle of your much-admired drink. Try to find a serene spot where you can sit, chat and relax with your valentine peacefully. If the weather is not favourable, lie down in a blanket and have a picnic in your bedroom or living room itself. 

Go for a long drive

Just go for a long drive with your loved one and re-create your lasting memories by visiting your favourite landmark. Some money will be spent on the gas but taking pictures and creating memories will be great fun. With your much-loved playlist and driving around with your dear one will be an absolute fun. 

Play board games with your valentive

Playing boardgames with your valentine will cost you nothing but at the same time you can spend some quality time together. Decide upon a few popular board games or buy a new game this valentine day to make it a special evening with your partner. You can add on some snacky food and cup-cakes to complement as your promise day gifts. A heart shaped chocolate box can be an ideal hug day gifts for your valentine. 

Cook a sumptuous meal together 

Pick up some vegetables from the market and make a sumptuous meal together. Lot of commercials exhibit to spend a lot of money on your valentine day in order to make memories. Instead make a fancy meal like something grilled and soup and add some delicious cake to make it a special Valentine’s day meal. You can also add a personalized valentine day gifts in the form of fancy pillow or a coffee mug. 

To wrap it up we can say that valentine day is all about conveying your feelings to your loved one and nothing can be more powerful to show love, appreciation and admiration than your words. Describe on a piece of paper as to what you appreciate about your partner, which will be a wonderful surprise for him/her.

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