Spring Break In Amsterdam

Spring Break in Amsterdam is a 3-day festival in the city’s most exciting venues day and night. This metro festival is a great way to discover a city if you’re a festival lover. You can enjoy the music at night while still having the opportunity to explore the city during the day. People who love Amsterdam know this and that facilities made for camping are not available. Because the event is located in central Amsterdam, it’s easy for attendees to walk from their hotel or hostel to the venue of their choice.

Spring break is the ideal occasion to take an adventure. The entire Amsterdam is preparing to enjoy the wonderful and exciting things it offers. It’s more enjoyable to escape to a hotel for the night. You can spend your evening and day with your family members or with your better half or anyone you want to spend every second within Biesbosch and the Veluwe or even in the castle. It’s an experience you’ll never forget! Here’s the list where you can enjoy your Spring Break


In Amsterdam, you will find the gorgeous Hortus Botanica known to be visited during spring or when it rains. The Hortus comprises an outdoor space and a variety of greenhouses, each with a diverse collection and climates. For instance, there are three different climates, a group of butterflies, and the Kaslokaal, where you can attend drawing classes and seminars in addition to other things. Enjoy a stroll among the beautiful blooms and plants in the centre of Amsterdam. Who wouldn’t want to do that in this spring season and that too in Amsterdam? Plan a fun excursion, make it a fantastic outing, and have a lot of fun.

And spend your beautiful night only at BUNK HOTEL, which is a few miles away from this destination.


In May, at the beginning of the month, Amsterdam’s Oude Kerk (Old Church) in the city’s centre is the venue for an annual World Press Photo exhibition featuring photography that has won awards. The church is the oldest in Amsterdam. The display is an excellent chance to look at the imagination, often moving and often shocking. Images are taken throughout the year before the exhibit began its international tour to visit 100 countries across 45 countries. When you’ve spent all day travelling in this place, you’ll need the best hotel to end your day, so make sure you check out BUNK HOTEL. Always there for you.


People of Amsterdam and people across the country who visit this celebration will be out in the streets to celebrate an all-day festival on the 27th of April to show respect for Koningsdag(King’s Day).

Amsterdam citizens transform their city into a vibrant orange sea of revellers in orange attire, wearing hats, clothes, and wigs. It’s an unforgettable experience during the first day of spring in Amsterdam.

If you’re travelling with family or friends, it’s a lot of fun. Vondelpark is the place, and the Jordaan area is particularly vibrant for King’s Night celebrations (the day before King’s Day). Participate in street parties before relaxing at Your Amsterdam spring hotel, none-other than BUNK HOTEL, for celebrating your whole day.


Amsterdam is a great place to spend Easter. As we recover from an extremely harsh winter, those first rays of the spring sun, the blooming of flowers, and the birth of new babies can make us feel better. Many families find it’s the time to come back to life with the joys of the playgrounds and terraces and go back on bikes in fewer layers – something people of Amsterdam celebrate each year. Delicious biscuits are also available for tasting, as the entire truck is transformed into a traditional Amsterdam easter food truck. Well, after having delicious biscuits, you can rest your body by spending your memorable night only at BUNK HOTEL. For more details, do check out our website.


If you’re visiting Amsterdam in the springtime, you can explore Holland’s vibrant bulb fields. The colours are rich in the world-renowned 32-hectare Keukenhof Gardens, less than an hour’s journey away by train near Lisse’s town. Gardens are available for two months, from March till May. Photograph tulips, Daffodils and hyacinths in these beautiful gardens. The active visitors can rent bikes to cycle through the blooms and tulips in the nearby fields of farmers.

Well, you’ve had your day, and now you’re in the place where you have to spend your evening with your family or friends. BUNK HOTEL provides the services and the bicycles for you to explore every part of this place and every corner of Amsterdam.

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