Construction Estimating Software: A Comprehensive Guide

Construction Estimating Software is the evaluation of the costs and labor involved in construction projects. Tools you may use to create construction estimates are on-site management software like Microsoft Project or Gantt charts, estimating tools like Beam, or tally charting tools like Excel.

Construction estimation software is also another type of integrated business management software that contains all different building types including houses, apartments, retail stores and office spaces. The aspect of estimating material materials and labor for these buildings can be found in many online programs.

What is Construction Estimating Software?

The introduction of construction estimating software is to assist in the documentation of a project. What you are doing as a construction estimator is assisting in documenting work and calculating a cost for constructed items based on labor and material costs. By using some portion of the software, it will calculate your time and cost on each step which will result in a total cost for the project.

Significance of Construction estimation software

What is significant about construction estimating software is the documentation of labor and material costs that are required to complete a construction project. The significance of this is because the construction industry is primarily based on documentation and documentation which includes how many hours and how much material it will cost the customer.

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in construction. Concrete is used to make a foundation, a walkway or in some cases a wall. To create concrete, it requires mixing cement, water, gravel and sand. Calculation on the cost of this item can be based on the previous materials mixed in conjunction with labor cost and time in which the concrete will be applied.

Benefits of Construction Estimating Software

By using construction software, it will make sure that each construction project is documented properly. If you are a contractor, the advantages of using construction estimating software is to set expectations for the customer of how much materials and labor labor will be applied in the construction process. Some other benefits include:

1) To see how much material, labor and time it will cost to complete a project.

2) Each construction project will be documented properly.

3) The next time you complete the same type of project, you will have a total cost from previous projects.

3) Improved communication with client.

4) Improved efficiency between contractors and clients.

How Do I Select The Right Software?

When looking for construction software, you first need to decide what type of program you want to use. It may be based on the type of project that is asked from a contractor or the convenience of using certain programs such as Microsoft Office. After deciding on what type of program you want to use, the next step is looking up online reviews to determine which ones are most recommended by contractors and users alike. Some factors you may want to consider when looking at reviews are:

1) Ease of use.

2) General effectiveness of the application.

3) If a user is not satisfied with certain aspects of the software, they should be able to adjust it quickly.

4) Compatibility between construction programs and operating systems such as Windows 8 or Windows XP.

5) How much time and money will it cost to maintain the software?

The last step is deciding on what program that can be used for each project and how you will use it for future projects. By figuring out how much time and money it is going to cost for maintenance on each project, it may determine which program should be used for their particular project.

Even though construction software is becoming more and more popular for estimating, it is still a new concept for many construction contractors. Once you have a construction estimating software program, you will be able to save time waiting for clients and finish projects faster.

Construction Estimating Software Resources

The best resource to look at when determining if Microsoft Office is the right program for your needs are the reviews of other people who have used it before. If you have used other similar tools such as Microsoft Project or Gantt charts, you should know that it may work similarly with the construction bidding software. Having good knowledge about the programs will help when deciding on which one to purchase or use in a future project.


The estimation of a material or labour cost is vital to have an understanding of the total cost required to complete a project. The importance of this document is not only to you but your customer as well since they also need an accurate calculation on their bill. By reviewing your expectations and work efforts, I hope this helps answer what exactly construction estimating software is and how it can benefit your business if used appropriately.