List of Additional Services Provided by an Experienced Moving Company in India

Household goods shifting service is far more complicated than it appears. Because such goods have sentimental value, individuals always prefer to relocate with a professional and Experienced Moving Company in India

Hiring a seasoned moving company could make all the difference.
Professional Packers and Movers in India provide various services that will make your move easier, as well as the skills and tools required to transport your items safely.

House Shifting Services Provide Services

Movers and packers in India providing local and domestic home shifting services provide various services to their customers to ensure the safe and seamless relocation of household items from one location to another.

Secure home packing and unpacking

To pack household items like electronic appliances, furniture, and so on, the packing and moving service providers would use high-quality protective packing materials such as corrugated sheets, bubble wraps, carton boxes, moving pads, plastic wraps, foam sheets, markers, blankets, and so on. 

Unpacking household items is a paid service offered by home relocation businesses in which your belongings are carefully unpacked to prevent breakage. Each moving box is clearly labeled with markers to identify the contents quickly. Your fragile items, such as crockery, paintings, cutlery, and so on, will be handled with extra care.

Take care when unloading and loading household items.

House-shifting companies ensure the safe transport of household goods by employing cutting-edge equipment and tools like furniture sliders, dollies, hand trucks, ropes, moving straps, and so on. Moving companies employ only experts trained to handle heavier household items such as sofas, refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, etc.  

Services for moving insurance

Moving insurance or transit insurance on relocating household goods is provided by domestic packing and moving services in India for extra protection through transportation from one city to another. This service will be offered for home appliances, furniture, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances, and garden equipment. These companies also assist people in filing straightforward insurance claims in case of misplacement or harm to their belongings during transit.

Household item disassembly and reassembly

Massive and heavier household products are tough to move and modify in the moving vehicle, occasionally causing significant harm to other items. Packers and movers companies provide intelligent and secure services for disassembling and reassembling bulky household items by expert professionals using cutting-edge equipment and tools. This service will aid in efficiently unloading and loading items.

List of Additional Moving Services 

From packing and unpacking to specialty item storage and handling options, an experienced moving company can offer you the assistance and resources required for a smooth and stress-free relocation. 

A few additional services offered by experienced moving companies are listed below:

1. Storage and Warehousing

If you want to keep your belongings somewhere before or after your move, you can look for moving companies that offer storage services. A few other moving companies work with different storage companies. You can choose between long-term and short-term storage solutions based on your specific needs with these services.

2. Pet Relocation Services

Pet relocation companies can pick up and move your animals to a new location without having caused them any stress or suffering. They may offer various forms of transportation, like land or air.

3. Office Relocation Services

Moving an office entails several challenging tasks, like transporting chairs, electronics, desks, and other heavy items. Hiring a seasoned moving company may be advantageous because they have the resources and experience to handle any size Office Relocation.

4. Vehicle Transportation services

Shifting companies offer insured and high-quality vehicle transportation services, like moving luxury or sports cars, sedans, motorcycles, classic cars, hatchbacks, or SUVs, as well as other two-wheeled vehicles.

5. Truck rental services

Household goods moving companies also provide services to hire tempo or hire truck and total logistics services to their customers at reasonable rates. Relocating trucks ranging in size from 14 to 19 feet are available to meet the transportation needs of everyone. They will also load and unpack your belongings and transport them from your present location to the fresh one in a timely and safe manner.


1. Cleaning services

Several moving companies provide cleaning services to help you clean up your former residence. Some may even provide cleaning services for your new home to help you settle in.

2. Putting together and taking apart

Moving companies frequently provide disassembly and reassembly services. The relocating disassembles any bulky or heavy furniture which needs to be dismantled for transportation before reinstalling it at the new location.

3. Installation of appliances

If you have little or no installation experience or have lost the documentation, it may be challenging to figure out how to connect your large appliances. It is sometimes much more accessible to pay your moving company to set up your appliances than to fiddle with electrical wires and pipes.

4. Insurance coverage

Moving companies offer insurance options for your peace of mind. While some companies offer comprehensive coverage, others only offer primary coverage, ask for an aspect of their shifting packages and charge a premium for extra coverage.


Many individuals would have used a professional house shifting service and would be well aware that there is no set cost for house relocation with any service. Because professional Packers and Movers in India offer their clients a wide range of extra services, it is easier for them to determine the total cost once both parties agree upon everything. You are responsible for taking advantage of these additional services based on your needs and the associated costs.