A Premium Quality of Moldavite Crystal

Everyone wants to get a lucky charm that can give strength in life. A lot of people who lived in the past also had their own powerful charm that brought strength and happiness into their lives. Some of us look for that kind of charm so that we can live our lives in a better way. However, it is only the belief that some of people keep in their minds for years. Sometimes, people believe in certain kind of extraordinary things to please themselves with the concept of luck in life. In fact, some of people who live in diverse cultures also have their own kind of cultural perceptions towards things. One of lucky charm that most people look for in the world is a real moldavite crystal because it is one of popular natural gem stone that brings good energies and strength for them.

We also realize that people find a lot of different extraordinary things in their lives. Some of cultures create different kinds of concepts for happiness and strength symbols. The point of their beliefs is about the luck and strength that they need to live their lives. Some of people also believe few types of lucky charms as for their medical remedies so they can treat their bodies properly. In this world, we must also know that people find more than just one type of natural gem crystals or stones. The earth has so many natural sources that produce a lot of essential elements for our lives. One of those natural crystals or gem stones is known as moldavite crystal and it is one of rare natural crystals. The color of this rare natural crystal is green and it also has different kinds of sizes and shapes. Some of moldavite crystals are big with unique shapes on its edge.

The others are not big and they also have unique edges so we can definitely notice them. So many people also believe that the moldavite is one of the cosmic stone. They believe that the process of creation for the moldavite crystal takes at least more than a million years. Some of people also think that the moldavite crystal looks a like an emerald gem stone because of their green colors. A lot of people also have different theories about moldavite crystals because they get much information about it from many references. They believe that the meteor hits the earth and it creates green natural crystals that people know as moldavite crystals. Many of researchers believe that the whole process of moldavite crystals occur in the crater site. The earth also has many of volcanoes and most of them are still active thus they have crates sites that can create few of types of natural crystals.

Actually, the moldavite crystal is one of natural crystal that people discover nearby the crater sites. However, some of people also create their own opinions about it. In fact, some of people also say that moldavite crystals are made from the star dust or something that comes from the outer space. They make their own theories about the original history of moldavite crystal is from the unseen metaphysical dimension. Fortunately, people also have their point of views to use it wisely. Many of people want to buy the moldavite crystal because it is known as a metaphysical object. Therefore, they must spend a lot of money to buy it and they believe that it is worthy. Unfortunately, some of people spend their money for fake moldavite crystals because a lot of criminals sell it in the black market. Even though they sell it cheaper than others but the quality of their fake moldavite crystals are awful. Thus, we share useful information about the real moldavite crystals which have premium quality. The first thing that we must check on a moldavite crystal is its flaw and inclusion quality.

You must know that an original moldavite crystal has full of flaws and inclusions because they are taken from the nature. The original moldavite crystals also have a bubble kind of shape and it comes in multiple sizes too. Most of people think that the original moldavite crystal comes in shiny and clean cuts. In fact, that is not the original moldavite crystal because the fake one is shinier than the original moldavite crystal. The original shape of moldavite crystal is full of inclusions from few of natural chemical elements. The original moldavite crystal stone comes from a natural erosion process therefore it doesn’t have clean shape. The original moldavite crystal stone has strong pitted surface as the excess of its natural erosion process for more than a million years. The original color of a moldavite crystal stone is dark green. A lot of people like its original color because it looks a like the moss. The fake moldavite has brighter green color thus we can identify it as not an original moldavite crystal stone.