Tips for Gaining Control Over Your Climate Anxiety - From Digital Business Cards to Public Transportation


If you're getting worried about climate issues like global warming, you aren't alone. In fact, many people are increasingly experiencing something called “climate anxiety.” The good news is that you can make a difference. Taking steps to address global warming can give you a sense of control and alleviate stress. This guide brought to you courtesy of The Feed News provides pointers on how to manage climate anxiety and also offers tips on what you can do to make a positive impact.

Get proactive about managing your anxiety day-to-day

Anxiety can make it difficult to enjoy your daily life. Get a handle on your anxiety now by creating your own mental health toolkit. For example, you might learn how to meditate to conquer nerves. Other techniques for dealing with anxiety include going for a walk and practicing deep breathing. You can also try exercise to alleviate nerves. Yoga is a great way to address anxiety and improve physical health.

If you're still struggling with anxiety despite trying these tips, it may be time to seek assistance. A mental health professional can provide the diagnosis and treatment plan you need to feel better. With online therapy options, it's more affordable and easier than ever before to connect with a licensed professional. In some cases, they may also recommend medication to help you cope.

Incorporate climate-friendly practices into your everyday life

Making small changes to your daily routines can go a long way in making the world a better place. Start at home. Implement energy-efficient best practices like turning off the lights when you leave the room. You can also install water- and power-saving appliances, like low-flush toilets and tankless water heaters. Even something as small as switching to energy-efficient LED lights makes an impact.

There are also steps you can take beyond the home to reduce your carbon footprint. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions recommends using public transportation instead of a personal automobile whenever possible, for example. If there isn't a public transportation network where you live, consider taking steps like carpooling to work or school with others. As a bonus, you'll save money on gas.

You can also help create a more climate-friendly world by supporting eco-friendly businesses. If your area has a farmer's market, get your fruits and vegetables there instead of from grocery stores, which ship produce from afar. Also, look for businesses that are b-corp certified, which shows they are committed to environmental and social causes.

Take advantage of digital business cards

Digital business cards can be a great way to lower your business's carbon footprint. With an online business card generator, you can create and share personalized digital cards with a few clicks. No longer do your business need to worry about printing thousands of physical cards--which would waste paper, ink and other precious resources. Digital business cards retain all the personal information in the same format as traditional paper cards, while also allowing you to customize your own unique business card design.

Consider starting your own eco-friendly business or nonprofit to really take control

If you want to take your climate activism to the next level, consider starting a nonprofit. It's easier to apply for grants and public funding once you're formally set up as a nonprofit. Plus, you'll get tax benefits. Setting up a nonprofit requires clearing some administrative hurdles. For example, you'll have to write bylaws. These detail how the nonprofit corporation is run, when it holds board meetings, and how board voting works. It also covers issues like conflicts of interest.

Another option is to start an eco-friendly business. Examples include an environmentally friendly dry cleaning company, upcycling store, eco-conscious landscaping, or solar panel installation provider. If you start a business, make sure you have an invoicing process in place to get paid promptly. You can also create branded invoices using an invoice generator. Add the billing terms and personalize the colors, fonts, and images to create a stand-out design—you can even add your logo.

Climate anxiety can be scary. However, you don't have to let it get you down. Whether you’re making eco-friendly changes at home or starting your own business or nonprofit, taking control of the situation with the above pointers will help you feel better and make a difference.