10 Best Leave Management Software

What is Leave Management Software?

Leave management software is a tool that manages employee absences, time offs, and more. It streamlines the leave request, tracking, and approvals as well as lessens the administrative burden on HR staff.

It increases accuracy and reduces error while evaluating the leave process of the organization. In a mid and large-scale organization in specific, managing the leave requests, approving the same, and tracking the time offs manually are tedious tasks.

Leave management software automates the process of managing the leave and timing process of an organization and saves time for other productive and prioritized tasks.

Some of the common features of leave management software include:

Leave Request Facilities

Employees can put requests for the duration, time, and reason of absence providing details of the return date as well. This improves transparency between the employer and the employee. Some systems also provide the employee with the option to upload documents such as medical certificates in case of sick leaves, when they apply for leaves.

Approval Workflows

The approval from managers become automated with the use of leave management software. The software automatically routes leave requests to employers/managers who the leave-initiated employee reports to, thereby eradicating the complex hierarchical flow of leave requests in traditional approaches.


The leave management software can track the leave balance of employees and notifies them about the same. This feature help employees track their remaining leaves and plan their future leaves accordingly. The software also makes sure the employees do not exceed their allotted offs.

Calendar Integration

The leave management software integrates with popular calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and others to sync the leave request of employees making it convenient for the managers and the employees to view and get notified during the upcoming leave request.

Reporting & Analytics

The leave management software tracks the trend of leave requests of an employee and provides these metrics of employees during appraisal or other decisive requirements.


The software can ensure that organizations comply with labour laws and regulations regarding leave, such as the Shops and Establishments Act. Overall, leave management software can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and help organizations manage their workforce more effectively.

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Leave Management Software


Before selecting the suitable leave management software, its functionality must be accessed. The ideal software should offer essential features such as leave request submission, approval workflows, employee self-service, leave balance tracking, reporting, and integration with other HR systems. This is a major factor to be considered while selecting leave management software.


The software should be user-friendly and intuitive for both administrators and employees. Consider the user interface, navigation, and overall user experience to ensure it will be convenient for everyone to use. A complex user interface would not only complicate the process of managing leave requests of employees but also become challenging for day to day usage.


The most important factor for consideration while selecting leave management software is customization. The company should ensure that the software features align with the organization's leave policies, accrual rules, and reporting requirements. The flexibility to tailor the system to your specific needs is essential.

Compliance & Regulations

Verify that the software complies with relevant labour laws and regulations. It is highly essential to conform with the rules and regulations laid down by both government and the company’s norms. A leave management software should comply with both to avoid internal and external conflicts. 

Notifications and Reminders

Look for a system that can send automated notifications and reminders to employees and managers regarding leave requests, approvals, upcoming leaves, and leave balances. This functionality helps ensure timely communication and avoids any confusion.


The software should be flexible and able to handle increased employee numbers, additional leave policies, and evolving requirements as your organization expands. Businesses are subject to uncertainty and alterations; so leave management software should be scalable enough to provide service according to the requirements of the business irrespective of the changes in the workforce.


Data security is crucial when handling sensitive employee information. Make sure that the software's security measures include data encryption, access controls, and compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR or CCPA.


Consider the total cost of ownership, including initial setup fees, licensing costs, maintenance fees, and any additional costs for integration or customization. Evaluate whether the software's benefits align with the expenses to be incurred or not as financial resources are crucial for business workflow.

10 Best Leave Management Software

The 10 Best Leave management software include the following:

1. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS Offers comprehensive HR management features, including smHRt payroll service, and WhatsApp integration which notifies leave requests on WhatsApp, time-off tracking, geotagging, facial recognition, selfie-based attendance system, employee self-service portal, and more. It provides customizable leave policies, workflows, and reporting options as well.

2. Zoho People

A cloud-based HRMS solution that includes robust leave management capabilities. It enables easy leave requests, approvals, tracking, and reporting. Zoho People seamlessly integrates with other Zoho applications, including Zoho HRMS and Zoho Payroll. This integration streamlines data flow between modules and eliminates manual data entry.

3. sumHR

Provides leave management, attendance tracking, and HR management features. It offers customizable leave policies, workflows, and approval processes, as well as integration with popular payroll and HR systems.

4. greytHR

A comprehensive HR management system that includes leave management. It allows for easy leave requests, approvals, tracking, and reporting. It also integrates with popular payroll and accounting software.

5. Darwinbox

A cloud-based HR management system with a comprehensive leave management module. It provides easy leave requests, approvals, and tracking, as well as advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

6. Keka

Provides leave management, attendance tracking, and payroll processing features. It offers a user-friendly interface, configurable workflows, and seamless integration with other HR systems.

7. Factorial HR

Offers an intuitive HR management platform that includes leave management features. It allows for flexible leave policies, automated approval workflows, and comprehensive reporting.

8. HRMantra

Provides a range of HR management features, including leave management. It offers easy leave requests, approvals, and tracking, as well as integration with popular HR and payroll systems.

9. SutiHR

A cloud-based HR management system with a comprehensive leave management module. It provides customizable leave policies, workflows, and approval processes, as well as real-time leave balance tracking.

10. Kredily

Offers a user-friendly HR management platform with leave management capabilities. It allows for easy leave requests, approvals, and tracking, as well as integration with popular payroll and accounting software.

Wrap up

Before choosing the suitable leave management software, do evaluate each software solution based on your organization's specific requirements, budget, and integration needs to find the most suitable option. It's also a good idea to request demos, trial periods, or customer references to assess the software's functionality and ease of use before making a final decision.