Riding Easy: How to Transport Your Bike in Bangalore Hassle-Free

The need for bike transport in Bangalore crops up when either you are moving to Bangalore from a new city or you are moving out of Bangalore. You cannot drive your bike to a new destination. There is so much that you need to shift. This means that you will have to hire the services of a top-notch Bike Transport service in Bangalore who will do all the required work for you. Always hire a bike transport company that is known for providing efficient and reliable services. Without doing research, you might fall into a trap. So, proceed ahead on firm footing and take recommendations from people close to you. This way you will be certain that the bike transport company that you are choosing is good and your work will be done with utmost ease and care.

Mentioned below are some tips for hiring the right bike Transport service in Bangalore:

  1. Always Plan Well in Time- It is always fruitful to plan well in hand. The day you get to know that you might have to move due to work or family commitments, you should start searching for a reliable bike moving company near you. When you act promptly, you will not have to bear any last-moment extra charges. When the bike transport is done without delay, you will not have to face any trouble when you reach the new place. If things are unplanned, there can be issues cropping up. Relocating to a new place is harder than you think. There are so many things that need to be transported. So, hire an expert and feel at ease.

  2. Always have Documentation in place- For bike transport; you need a lot of documentation. Documents such as RTO form, the insurance policy of the bike, emission test certification bike registration document, etc are needed. A bike transport company will ensure that all documentation is available so that no hassle of whatsoever kind is caused when you transport your bike.

  3. Remove Lose Parts or Any Spares- Before you hand over your bike to a bike moving company, you need to take off all spare parts or any loose attachments. If you do not do the same, your bike might get damaged. For instance, if an extra carrier is fitted onto your bike, get it taken off during transit. This will prevent chances of breakage or damage during transit.

  4. Check the pressure in the tire and the Fuel- The fuel tank should be less than half. Also, the tires should have normal pressure. If the fuel tank is too full and the tire pressure high, your bike will become very heavy and this can cause problems in transport.

  5. Carefully Check Your Bike- You should have a proper bike inspection done before you transport your bike. Click the pictures of your bike to have a visual proof. You need to be extremely careful. The bike relocation companies ask for complete documentation. So, have all documents in place for the same. Always ask for insurance inclusive price. When insurance charges are included, it relieves you of a lot of burden. So, it is important that you are careful beforehand. It is your bike and at the end of the day you will face problems, if things are done in the right way. 

  6. Always Give Clear Written Instructions- In case you have any precise or definite instructions, you should convey them to the bike moving company in writing so that they know what they are supposed to do. As a matter of fact, when you provide them with instructions in writing, they will not be able to shun responsibility as regards them. We cannot steer clear of some things as they are beyond our control. However, it is vital to be careful and do what is within your control to make sure that the safety of your bike is intact. One should be cautious beforehand rather than regret once the problem has hit. In current times technology is doing great. You can know the precise location of your bike. So, if your transport company offers this facility, you must avail the same and be informed at all times.

So, these are some tips that you should bear in mind while you are hiring the services of a bike transport company in Bangalore. It is significant that you ask for a free quote from multiple vendors beforehand. This will help you decide which vendor is appropriate for you. You should know in advance how much you have to pay for bike transport. This will evade any type of confusion and disagreement later on.

For your bike and car relocation, you must hire the experts from carbikemovers.com. They offer hassle-free as well as affordable shifting of your vehicle. All you have to do is to provide them details about what you want to shift and they will provide you with all available options.  You should provide the right dates so that there is no problem later on. Some vendors even have options like less than 8 days, 7 to 20 days, etc.  You would not want to move to a new place without your favorite transport vehicle. Without a bike, a person is quite likely to feel trapped and stuck.