The Ultimate Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Everything in One Place

What could be the reason that a tiny island located in the south of India can have plenty of things to provide?

"Sri Lanka" is also referred to as the "pearl of the Indian Ocean' due to its distinctive teardrop shape. No matter if you're from Australia or another corner of the world, you're aware that you can enjoy a summer only once a year. If you're a winter lover, then you'll need to wait for nine months to experience the colder weather. Did you know that there is a place in Sri Lanka where you can have a summer-like climate and winter simultaneously?

The unique mix of climates is accessible in just a couple of hours' drive. This is what makes Sri Lanka a unique destination.

If you're interested in exploring the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, take a look at this guide. We will guide you through a thorough Sri Lanka travel tour guide.

Sri Lanka has so many things to provide.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, and its residents and tourists have a wide range of climates. The areas along the coast like Galle, Jaffna, Trincomalee, Mirissa, Bentota, and Chilaw will provide an average temperature of 27degC to 28degC. The maximum temperature you can expect is mid-30 degrees. In central highlands regions like Nuwara-Eliya, Ella or Kandy, you can expect an icy temperature. The most you can expect to experience is 12 degrees Celsius.

Sri Lanka is renowned for its two thousand years of rich culture. If you go to the northern central regions like Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, you will be able to see the ruins of old palaces, cities, and Stupas. The world-renowned Lion Rock, known as "Sigiriya", is the most visited tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and its history dates back to prehistoric times.

The National Park 'Yala, situated in the southeast part of the island, is famous for its high concentration of elephants and leopards. Every year, thousands of avid wildlife lovers visit this National Park for a Safari experience and to take photos of wildlife.

Airfare from Australia to Sri Lanka from Australia

Sri Lankan Airlines is the nation's largest airline. If you're travelling from Australia, it is possible to book a direct flight every day from Melbourne, or you can book a non-daily flight from Sydney. Direct flights from Melbourne to Sri Lanka are 10-hour flights. Malaysian Airlines offers flights to Sri Lanka with transit through Kuala Lumpur.

Other major airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, offer flights to Sri Lanka with transits starting from Perth and Brisbane.

Do Australians need a visa for Sri Lanka?

In the wake of new regulations by the government, all Tourists or business travellers who travel to Sri Lanka must have an e-Visa to be able to enter Sri Lanka. You can apply for an online E-visa before the departure date or apply for a visa upon the day of arrival. Australians have to pay about 50 AUD to complete a Visa application.

Can you travel to Sri Lanka Safe to travel?

In this guide to travel, we will tackle a question that is on our minds: Is Sri Lanka safe?

The simplest answer is "YES!". 

Recent years have seen economic turmoil and political turmoil in Sri Lanka. In spite of that, Sri Lanka is now thought to be safe for travellers. Indeed, Sri Lanka was named the accurate location for single woman travellers by

Just like in every other country or region, it's vital to be careful and aware of the surroundings when you travel.