2021 Chevrolet Silverado Pickups to Choose From

Chevrolet is known for various cars that have become an iconic statement over time such as the Camaro, Corvette, and more. However, apart from these, their pickup trucks are also currently ruling the market. Sturdy, powerful, high towing capacity and more, makes Silverado trucks ideal vehicles that people can purchase, whether they want to use it for personal or commercial use.

The three different Silverado models which graced the market are Silverado 1500, 2500 HD and 3500HD, which you can get when in Wilkesboro Chevrolet dealership. Have a look at these pickups in-depth!

·   2021 Silverado 1500

Several engine options are provided by the car manufacturer for people looking to buy this vehicle. It includes 3L diesel option, four-cylinder turbocharged, V6, and two different options for V8. This proves that this vehicle is up for any task that requires to be completed. Most people opt for either V6 or any of the V8 models. If an individual gets the V8 model, they choose 6.2L one as it’s the quickest one.

It has a towing power of over 13,000 pounds and beats most of its competitors with ease in this comparison. From work truck style to completely posh design people can get this vehicle in any way, according to their preference, need, and budget.

The base model work truck starts from $28,595 and goes high up to $55,495 for the top tier trims. Hence, this is a serious hauler that can be used for all purposes.

·   2021 Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD

Basically, these two models are like elder brother to the 1500 version. These are much better than any available trucks and in every aspect. The gas powered V8 6.6L is standard for these which produces 401 HP and torque 464 lb-ft along with automatic 6-speed transmission. S

The diesel Duramax version comes with V8 6.6L that is similar to its earlier variants. With 910 lb-ft torque and 445 HP and teamed with automatic 10-speed, this is a beast that will rule wherever it is taken.

Though gas powered V8 can be used for any purpose, most people choose to get the diesel trim, especially if an individual is looking to continuously tow heavy load regularly. The gas powered engine can tow a maximum of 17,400 pounds, while the diesel can tow a whopping of 36,000 pounds.

Also, interior is available according to one’s preference. It can be used as just a work truck or simply upgraded to higher end trims that offer a sophisticated interior, which looks classy. Also, it has everything from navigation to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless charging, satellite radio, and more.

Seven different trims are available, where work truck is the base model that starts from $36,595 and with higher end trims ranging from $50,140 to $64,095. Now it is up to you which one you would buy from Chevrolet Wilkesboro dealer.

If you are looking to buy a pickup, then there is no question about looking at something else than the Silverado 2021 series. 1500, 2500HD or 3500HD; any one of these models is ideal for fulfilling all your pickup truck needs.

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