How to get Star Wars Gaming Credits

One of the most talked about topics in all of Star Wars the Old Republic is how the game rewards are earned. Every time you level up in the game and spend real life money on the credits to buy a character and ship you will earn credits that you then use to unlock new abilities for that character. You can spend those credits on anything from new ships, new mounts, new emotes, and all sorts of other things. In fact, spending your Star Wars The Old Republic credit balance on any number of things will help you to build up your collection of rewards and make leveling your character that much easier.

There are some great ways to use your SWTOR credits to help you progress through the game. The first thing you should do is think about what you like to do in the game. If you love to collect things and put them on your space ship or your personal shuttle, you'll have plenty of opportunity to buy and collect new items as you play. Those items will then be added to your credits - meaning you can spend more of your credits on them and leveling your character as you go. If you are interested in trading items in the game you may find it is easier to buy low demand items that others are selling at a lower price then you can resell those items for higher profits.

Another way to quickly advance in Star Wars The Old Republic is to play the battlegrounds. Playing in the battlegrounds is similar to playing combat with an army - you attack your opponent and try to take out their base by surrounding it with cannons and troops. When you are playing in a battleground, you earn credits that you then use to purchase upgrades for your ships and other aspects of your faction. You can spend these credits on anything from crew to upgrades that can allow you to deal out more damage or heal yourself after taking damage. These credits are used up when you are done playing - but they can still be used to buy new items for your character and ship.

It should be noted that it takes four years and five months of regular play in SWTOR to earn enough credits to purchase any type of equipment from the credits available in the game. In fact, this is the only type of credit based game in which you can actually purchase anything good as you progress through the levels. This can make the game very fun to play as you work your way through the different challenges - especially if you are someone who likes to progress through the levels fast and has the patience for getting the most out of the game.

As you progress through the different levels in the game you will start to earn more credits. The exact amount you will earn in each level varies depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put into the game. Although you can buy upgrades and weapons in the game with your credits, you are not allowed to sell them. Selling these credits in the marketplaces will earn you considerably less than what the actual cost of the items is. This makes the game at pretty hard to play unless you have plenty of spare cash to spend.

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