What makes 2021 Golf GTI the Best Car from Volkswagen?

From being a fun car to drive around along with its practicality and classy appearance, there is no shred of doubt that it is the best car from Volkswagen. Smooth and comfortable ride along with different trims available, makes people visit Seaside Volkswagen dealership and order this vehicle for a quick delivery. Going through its details will aid in understanding, why users of 2021 Golf GTI love this vehicle and always there is a high demand for it.

What engine powers Golf GTI 2021?

One of the greatest engines from Volkswagen powers this car. Under the hood of Golf GTI is placed a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 228 HP. Though one might feel that the power is reasonable enough, what surprises people is the instant response to inputs as well as its excellent acceleration.

With a smooth clutch pedal, shifting never feels like a chore even in the manual trims. However, people looking to let this amazing car manage all gear changes, then getting the automatic dual clutch is also an incredible choice.

It is one of the best automobiles that people can use for everyday usage. Responsive and nimble strides make every ride give out a heavenly feel, even when cornering. This hatchback is a swift vehicle that coordinates well and does what the driver wants.

Furthermore, being this accurate and quick responsive to all steering inputs that an individual would feel that it has a mind of its own. Also, having firm brakes makes it a safe car to drive without having to worry much whether on road or on a track.

Mileage delivered

The automatic trims offer a mileage of 24 mpg and 32 mpg in city and on highway respectively. The manual models provide fuel efficiency of 23 mpg (city) and 30 mpg (highway). However, on a highway test of 200 mile, this car offered a mileage of 36 mpg which is much more than what EPA estimated for this automobile.

Well-crafted interior

Volkswagen cars always consist of well-crafted and stylish interior and the same goes for Golf GTI 2021. Though this vehicle is known for superior driving experience and agility, people can customize a few particular luxury features for the ultimate feel.

From power adjustable leather seats to climate control and more are available for people to enjoy. However, even without these, driving a base Golf GTI model is sufficiently comfortable and fun for all. Also, ample space is available for people to travel without any issue.

Spacious cargo holds, storage cubbies, foldable rear seats, and more ensure that this hatchback has enough space to load up carry-on bags. Visit Volkswagen dealer Salinas to check out the interior and cargo space in detail.

S, SE, and Autobahn

The three trims available for Golf GTI 2021 are S ($29,690), SE ($33,660), and Autobahn ($37,940). It is always suggested to go for the SE or Autobahn versions as they offer the best driving and riding experience. However, the base model isn’t also bad too.

So, if you are looking for a hatchback, then there is no better car to drive than the 2021 Golf GTI!

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