The Best WordPress Plugins Compatible with WordPress 5.7


It’s out, and if you’re a developer, it’s no surprise that you’re checking out WordPress’ add-on. Also termed as Esperanza, WordPress 5.7 comes with a whole new collection of advanced features, modifications and fixes thought to make WordPress more user-friendly and first-class.


WordPress plugins enable one to customize the look and functionality of a website without coding. The latest changes will affect the way developers use WordPress together with its plugins. So, it’s essential for you as a developer to test your plugins and themes against it.


The New Package


Here are the latest features, modifications, and fixes in WordPress plugins;


Plugin#1- ELEMENTOR 


It is a robust WordPress website builder with over 5 million active installations and one of the best you can ever have. Previously, Elementor 3.1.4 and Elementor Pro were released. They support WordPress 5.0 or higher and have been tested up to WordPress 5.7. Here are the new features in Elementor and Elementor Pro;


·       PayPal Button Widget 


It can help you start collecting payments as checkout, donation, or subscription for your online business, products, or anything you offer.


·       89 Widgets and Counting 


There are up to 89 widgets in Elementor that you can utilize for your website design tasks. Here you find 27 pro elements for Pro users, 29 basic elements, 19 WooCommerce elements, and 14 theme elements.


·       Code Highlight Widget


Code Highlight will help you create visually appealing, engaging and readable code snippets in Elementor Pro. Discover other WordPress features that can help you upgrade your projects.



Plugin#2- YOAST SEO


It is one of the most commonly used SEO plugins with 5+ million active installations. It has been tested on WordPress 5.7 and supports WordPress 5.6 and above. New Features;


v Yoast SEO Premium- It is now an add-on to Yoast SEO.


v Full Integration with Elementor- For those that offer SEO services, Yoast SEO Premium provides full integration with Elementor.



Plugin#3- Wordfence Security


It is one of the most used WP security plugins, and its Web Application Firewall can monitor website traffic (to and fro). Besides, it protects from malware and related attacks. Here are the latest to it;


Ø  Translation Readiness- here, all user-facing strings will be run through WordPress’ i18n functions.


Ø  Local GeoIP Database Updated- allows improved GeoIP tracing of computer terminal locations.


Ø  Lynwood IP Range- This was removed and replaced by the AWS IP range.



Plugin#4- Jetpack


Here are a few changes to this popular plugin


ü  Custom Recommendations- it will now make custom recommendations for your website.


ü  Visuals- You can now enjoy better visuals and UI with Jetpack search.


ü  Jetpack SEO- Jetpack SEO tools are now free, and you can effectively run your SEO campaigns.



Plugin#5-Contact Form 7


Here is what’s new;


§  Frontside JavaScript- It has been overhauled in version 5.4


Sendinblue Integration- Contact Form 7 is now fully integrated with Sendinblue and helps you collect information. You can plug it into your marketing activities in Sendinblue.


Another fact is that you can now easily upload files, and apart from that, a spinner icon with modern CSS is now available.


Access a wide range of WordPress plugins to meet every project need.  

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