What Makes A Great Barbecue?


A mouth-watering, fancy barbecue means excellent taste and high-quality cuts of meat that are appropriately prepared. There is no reason why restaurants should remove classic barbecue dishes from the menu. Here are a few hints that the meat prepared in the kitchen comes from a real barbecue pitmaster.


Well prepared meat


Meat that is tender but not too soft is a sign that the meat is well prepared. Food connoisseurs argue over the merits of dry-grated ribs over wet ribs, but most agree that rib meat falling off the bone is a sign of overcooking. If you're looking for good pulled pork, it doesn't matter if the meat is chopped by hand or machine. Brisket is a challenge because the grains run in opposing directions, making it hard to prepare for consistent tenderness. Test your briskets with a few pulls to check if it is done correctly. If it gives just a bit, you have done it right. 


Dry your meat before seasoning and pat it with a tea towel, as moist meat will struggle to form a decent crust and absorb unpleasant, boiling meat flavours.


Understanding the role of collagen in your meat is crucial to understanding barbecue. Cheaper cuts of connective tissue without collagen tend to be harder. To make tough, collagen-rich cuts from juicy to tender, you need to cook the muscle over low heat. Good pulled pork should be tender and not mushy. 




When your meat is on the thick side, regular turning helps prevent it from getting stuck and burning. Place the meat on the grill and allow it to sit for about a minute, turning and turning every minute until you have achieved an enticing caramelisation. Move your meat away from the yellow flames and jump over the grill - the fat catches fire and makes the meat taste smoky. 


Bistecca Fiorentina


The Florentine steak, or simply Fiorentina, is a famous Italian dish. This savoury steak is a cut of meat obtained from the loin that includes the characteristic T-shaped bone. Bistecca Fiorentina is a traditional Florentine steak recipe that is a favourite in almost every home in Tuscany in Central Italy. The steak is from a cattle breed in Tuscany known for its high quality and flavourful meat perfectly seasoned with local spices and grilled over red-hot coals. 




Cooking over the fire requires skill, and mastering the technique gives you a special place of honour with your friends. Follow these tips, and you will be Lord of the Tong, Master of the Flame. So get fired up; it's grilling time.

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