YouTuber changes the game for Taxi Drivers


The YouTubing taxi driver was back again earlier this month with bold claims in being a taxi driver GAME CHANGER.


The device that was reviewed in the newest‘Tom the Taxi Driver’ video is a slick looking black box that, at first glance, appears to look nothing more than a chunky lunch box contraption from initial impressions. However, dive a little deeper and take a look inside to discover the handy little box is actually a plug inmobile stove!


Named‘ TheRoadPro Stove’, which can be bought for around £50 can be used to heat up most kinds of precooked food.


Tom shows us how his healthy home cooked food can indeed now be fully heated through in the your taxi, all by simply plugging the stove into your 12 amp charging point.


Hull Taxi drivers who work long shifts have struggled for a long time to access healthy and hot food without paying high prices whilst on the road. A basic hot meal and drink can cost taxi driversaround £10 each meal. For a full-time working driver, that single meal per day can total up to £2,000 per year!


A reviewer on Tom’s video added a comment: “The height of the stove is designed so that you can fit 2 of the metal trays inside, perhaps one savoury dish and one sweet.


“Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a lovelywedge of hot apple pie or perhaps a crumble with our lunch whilst working as a taxi driver!”


Tom’s interesting YouTube channel has been a bombarded with news subscribers ever since it first launched back in March 2020. Over 25,000 people have now subscribed to his channel. Tom is a London black cab driver, having qualified as a taxi guide after completing the ‘Knowledge of London’ back in 2017 after studying for 3 years.


Tom has also recently published a book about his experience on ‘the Knowledge’, and recently stepped up to Liveryman within the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers.

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