Career Options for Students after Completing BTech in Biotechnology

BTech in Biotechnology
Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field that combines physics, mathematics, biology, and engineering. Biotechnology engineers develop advanced healthcare systems, software, tools, etc. Some other fields that are benefitted from biotechnology are the pharmaceutical industry, space research, food processing, bio-fuel, waste management, etc. 

BTech students in biotechnology can discover endless career opportunities. For pursuing the course, you need to find a good BTech college in Raipur. The college should have experienced teachers in the biotechnology department. In the following section, you can find different career options for the students of biotechnology.

Research Scientists

BTech in biotechnology introduces students to molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, embryology, biochemistry, etc. If you have an analytical mind, a career in research after completing a biotechnology course is ideal. There are many public and private funded research institutes in India for conducting studies on molecular biology, integrative biology, genomics, and many more fields. You can pursue a career as a researcher or analyst in the prestigious research institutes of the country after completing a biotechnology engineering course.

  • GATE qualification fetches the opportunity to work as a research fellow while you study MTech in biotechnology.

  • After BTech, you can also submit your CV in various private-sector research labs to pursue a career as a research executive. Such labs offer jobs to applicants through skill tests and interviews.

Pharmaceutical Companies

BTech in biotechnology will help you to find jobs in pharmaceutical companies. Today, India has a growing pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical products manufactured in India are supplied to many countries. Pharmaceutical companies seek biotechnology experts for research and innovation. Developing new pharmaceutical products, lifestyle medicines, and essential medicine or drugs are the aims of these companies. Biotechnology experts help these companies to develop innovative products to draw more buyers. Big pharmaceutical companies recruit BTech in biotechnology students through campus interviews.


Bioinformatics is a field that combines information technology and biotechnology. The field aims to develop advanced software or systems for streamlining the healthcare management process. From small clinics to large healthcare centers, different healthcare companies get benefitted from bioinformatics. Moreover, research and development in bioinformatics help space research, robotics, and many other industries. To pursue a career in this field, students should know the core subject and have expertise in Python, Perl, data analytics, programming, etc.

Waste Management and Environment Control

Protecting the earth's biodiversity is essential for the existence of humans, wild animals, plants, etc. Meticulous waste management can help the earth to retain biodiversity. Moreover, recycling biodegradable wastes will save resources for the future and maintain eco-system balance. Many public and private sector companies are involved in waste management and environmental control. These companies recruit biotechnology experts. Moreover, biotechnology engineers can find jobs in the irrigation department, water supply management, forest department, pollution control boards, etc.

Instead of looking for jobs, biotechnology students can also pursue higher studies. For building the foundation of a successful career in biotechnology, you need to pursue BTech from reputed colleges. Make a CG top engineering colleges list and select the best college to pursue BTech in biotechnology.