When Is The Right Time to Use 3D Animation?

Although conventional animations are still popular among business folk, 3D animation has become the new norm of the marketing industry. From explainers to training videos and now education, it is overtaking every sector where the need for video demonstrations is inevitable. And no kidding, the rate at which its usage is surging, it will soon overtake its other animation counterparts in the upcoming years, for reasons that we will discuss in this helpful article. So walk with us to know when and why you should join the 3D league before it’s too late and avail of it when it’s still affordable. The demand and prices will only go up in the future!

The basics of 3D animation

3D animation is simply the movement of computer-generated images, bodies, or objects in 3 dimensions. Unlike other animation types where the images depict the x-axis and y-axis (length and height), 3D animation adds Z-axis to the picture (that is, width), giving the image a more realistic look. The main steps involved in creating a 3D video are modeling, layout, and rendering. Each step is carried out by a team of professional artists. In 3D animation, actual 3D models are created, and then the images are imported and manipulated with the help of computer software. The manipulated images are then chronologically arranged to give an illusion of fluid movements.

Even though the first use of this medium was solely for entertainment purposes, 3D is now persistently used in the marketing and gaming industry. Moreover, new innovative 3D technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality have entirely revolutionized the training and education sector. 

What’s cool about 3D animation?

What’s cool? You should ask what’s not cool! The next time you see your favorite superhero fly in a lush costume, just take a minute out to pay respect to the animators sitting behind the camera. Because if not for them, ironman would be but a weird bearded man suspended from strings with a bunch of dots and plastic pads on his body (sorry for hurting your inner fanboy). The fact that makes 3D animation, so fun is its creative freedom. You can twist the movements as you like while keeping the visuals closest to reality. This makes it a good alternative for motion pictures and pretty cost-effective for marketing campaigns where a company is running on a budget. 

Moreover, the use is as versatile as you like it to be. You can use 3D animation for story-driven explainer video production, TV commercials, presentations, and even full-fledged movies (like Secret Life of Pets!). Just fit it wherever you want, and it’s surely going to work! 

Why is 3D animation one of the best styles of videos for your business?

Well, sorry in advance if it seems like a “puppy, monkey, baby” advertisement, except that the words are replaced by “creativity, effectiveness, versatility,” but really, there’s no way you can ignore them when talking of 3D animation. If we had to answer this question straightly, it would be “because 3D is the Godfather of animations”, especially in business. As we all know, a company has hundreds of needs. You need to educate your workers whenever new machinery is brought to the factory, your targeted audience when a new product/service is introduced, and your employees when there’s an update in business policies or some training is required. The only answer? 3D animation. As 3D animation offers great attention to detail, it makes it way easier to explain certain complicated products in their most profound intricacies. This, when mingled with effective storytelling, also results in a masterclass video that you can use in your marketing campaign. If executed perfectly, it has the potential to skyrocket your conversions. 

When should you opt for a 3D animation?

You can consider using 3D animation when you want to:

  • Educate your employees, students, trainees
  • Advertise a product in a concise and entertaining form
  • Increase your conversions through useful explainer videos
  • Realistically visualize scientific or industrial machinery models
  • Create simulations for training purposes
  • Work in the retail industry where product presentations to customers are crucial
  • Work in the architecture industry where 3D models development is necessary

The uses as mentioned above are only business-related. If we put it aside, 3D animation is an integral part of the gaming and entertainment industry. It is estimated that the worth of the gaming industry will surpass the value of $272 billion by 2030, which is astonishing. 

Various styles that you can explore with 3D animation

Here are some of the most commonly used 3D animation styles you can check out today:

  1. 3D Videos

3D videos or films are a purely visual experience with no interactive element in them. It contains a set of moving images, with its subjects moving in the digitally created 3D environment. This is the most common type of 3D animation that we frequently see in movies. It is also known as passive 3D. 

  1. Interactive 3D

Unlike passive 3D, interactive 3D allows the user to move through a digitally created environment with the help of external accessories like a mouse and keyboard or touch screen in tablets or mobile phones. Video games are one of its examples. 

  1. Virtual reality & AR

VR is a more advanced immersive form of interactive 3D animation where the person walks through a simulation with the help of a headset, VR-enabled gloves, and certain controllers. It provides the users a highly realistic experience and is exceptionally complex to develop.

How to identify a good 3D animation company?

Well, it’s easier than you think. Just follow the below-given tips suggested by Kevurugames, and you can be sure that your 3D project rests in good hands:

  • See the 3D animation company’s portfolio in a detailed manner. It will give you a good idea of the creative approach of the company. You can also request more video samples. It will let you know if the company lives up to your standards. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask about the tools that the specified company is using for 3D animation. As per industry standards, 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D are currently the best in business.
  • See if the company provides custom animation services. This is crucial in ensuring that everything is tailor-made as per your needs. 
  • See if the company has specialized teams for each type of 3D video. If yes, then that’s great. It confirms the credibility of the company and its dedication to your project, which is a good sign. 
  • Once you reach out to a certain company, don’t forget to ask questions about how the service works? What is the frequency of feedback sessions etc.? Good companies always maintain strong communication with their clients. 

The takeaway

Entertaining, intriguing, and any good word you can come across in your marketing vocabulary, 3D animation has it. Due to its convenience, almost every business is upgrading from 2D videos to 3D ones and reaping its benefits. And as time passes, the demand for 3D animation will only increase, and so does the prices. So just in case you’re new to the business, now is the good time to invest in it. You will thank us later!