Smart Technology usage in the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing industry is a industry where the gestation period pf the project is very long and therefore lot of financial and human resources get involved in the production of goods also there are certain quality benchmarks that has to be met by all the companies, whether they are big or small and therefore each of them need a process system that is error free and of high precision. Smart Manufacturing always employs processes that are helping the manufacturing company in achieving the quality standards with the deployment of new age technologies like the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Big Data etc.  Mostly, the manufacturing companies have been using the traditional business solutions in their daily operation however as the competition has increased they need to adopt a business solution like SAP Business One, a ERP software that can help them with the process efficiency and reduce on the costs and improve the profitability. So whether, your are looking ERP software for food and beverages industry or any sector SAP Business One delivers the performance.


Few of the things that can be done by the manufacturing company would be

·        Removal of thee redundant procedures, here the unwanted or duplicate procedures can be removed, as many of the manufacturing companies are cash strapped this will help in reduction of task completion time and therefore save you a lot of money

·        For many of the manufacturing companies, they would need to understand different manufacturing techniques and choose for themselves the one that is the best for their business prospect

·        Optimization techniques need to be used by the manufacturing companies which can help in the better utilization of the resources.


So how does a smart manufacturing help the companies?

·        The machines in the manufacturing plants can be fitted with the sensors, you might be wondering how can this help but when the machines get fitted with the sensors then you can come to know on the status of the tasks and also at what stage of the production is the good, with the help of sensors, the working condition of the machine can also be known, if there is any issue with the machine then it can be fixed immediately without any delay

·        Manufacturing companies need to look at the process of automation, here many of the manual tasks that consume a lot of time can be outsourced to the robots who can complete the tasks in much lesser time and also the errors incurred would be much less. This will help the manufacturing companies in producing higher quality goods and the number of In smart defective items will get much less.

·        In smart manufacturing many of the companies use the just in time technique where the inventory levels are monitored continuously and as soon as the manager feels that inventory is needed for the completion of a order from the client, it is ordered.


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